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  1 Copyright 1993 - 2000 BeeHive Internet Technologies, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
  3 Permission is granted to copy the source and executables made therefrom, but
  4 any commercial distribution or use whatsoever is not allowed.  Commercial
  5 distribution or use refers to any distribution or use from which any form of
  6 income is received regardless of profit therefrom, or from which any revenue
  7 or promotional value is received, as well as any distribution to or use in a
  8 corporate environment.  Use of the source and executables made therefrom to
  9 promote or support a commercial venture is included in this restriction.
 10 Exclusive worldwide rights to this program for use as a server are held by
 11 Acuity Corporation.  If you wish to purchase a commercial license, please send
 12 email to  For more information please look at the Acuity web
 13 site which can be found at
 15 Any modifications of this program lacking an implicit copyright notice are
 16 subject to the copyright stated herein.  Any explicit copyright notices added
 17 to this program shall not contradict the terms stated herein, but may further
 18 restrict distribution or use.  Any modifications should be made in such a way
 19 that it is clear that this copyright notice applies to the source, executables
 20 made therefrom and any derivatives thereof and in such a way that it is
 21 possible to regain the unmodified source.

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