Campaign Diary (Prelude)

What happened in Malrun...

While no record exists of the travels that brought Cerilon, Elijah, Laurana, Moretta, Panoramix and Ragnor to Malrun, it is known that they formed a party together eventually. Each had his or her own reasons for seeking companions to travel with, and to work together with. Yet the mutual trust and respect existed from very early on. A party was formed that would withstand tests of endurance.

On 14 Charilea someone approached the party while they were dining in a fairly nice inn in Malrun. He introduced himself as Laenir, a trader from the city of Goran (capital of the Falgarun nation). During the previous days he had been looking for adventurers that were for hire.

On 3 Charilea (11 days ago), his son was abducted from their home in Goran. As soon as Laenir found out, he alerted the city guards and officials and a search was started. Despite the fact that several leads were found, the only useful information that came out of the investigation was that his son was taken out of Goran and was last seen in Malrun. So, Laenir travelled to Malrun to look for his son, and to find people to help him.

Laenir offered the party 1000 gold coins in return for finding his son, and as a token of good faith he paid the party 312 gold coins. This they used to buy necessities. And thus, the party set out to track down Laenir's son.

Over the course of 9 days, a lot happened. From various sources, it could be determined that Laenir's son never left Malrun. And even more... Leads were found that he was in fact still in Malrun.

On 19 Charilea a breakthrough came in this case when someone was found who was able to indicate where Laenir's son might be found. It turned out that he was to be found in an area in Malrun known as the 'Forsaken Area'. This area was special in the sense that people with terminal illnesses or other reason to be cast out by society lived here, and were not allowed to leave. Most sane people would also not enter this area. And so, when the party did finally find Laenir's son, and found him to be dying from an unknown cause, the only help they could offer was healing from Panoramix. Yet, this did not help him at all, and no priest could be found in Malrun and the surrounding villages that would enter this 'Forsaken Area'. The party also sent a messenger to Laenir in Goran to let him know that his son was found, but that he was very ill. Main reason for this was to make certain that his more than likely death could not be blamed on the party.

On 20 Charilea, Laenir's son died from his illness. The party decided to collect his belongings to return to Laenir. In total 2 ruby's, 27 gold coins. an unopened sealed letter and an amethyst were found. After some discussion, it was decided to open the letter. Laurana carefully opened it, and read the following:

I cannot possibly ask you to understand why I did wrong, and caused you so much grief. I can only hope that my passing will somewhat lessen the wrongs I did. You have been a good father to me, and while your busy life did not always allow us to spend as much time together as I would have liked, there is no fault I attribute to you. It should not have been a reason to take the path I chose.
I ask for your forgiveness, father, for the wrongs I have done. Maybe the way this ends now is my payment to faith and for the good of the world. It was not meant to be this way. but there is no turning back.
Please forgive me,
Your son.

In addition, a brand was found on his forearm. It resembled a set of scales, with a ring of gold coins around it. The party recognised this as being quite similar to the picture on the herald of Goran. Quite some astonishment was expressed upon seeing this, as branding of a person was well known to be a very rare event, only known to be done in cases of slavery and in days long gone as a mark on criminals.

When inquiring about how to transport the body to Laenir in Goran, the party was told that under no circumstances any member of the 'Forsaken Area' could leave the area, dead or alive. The only options allowed were abandoning his corpse, or cremating it. The party chose to cremate him. Yet, before doing this, Elijah suggested to cut out the piece of skin with the brand. While the party in general definitely wasn't too sure about this, it was decided that if he wanted to do this, he could, and so he did.

On 23 Charilea, the party collected its belongings from the inn, and started its journey to Goran. This journey would take (by known travel knowledge) about 2 weeks (12 days). Before taking off, the party obtained a statement from a Malrun city official that Laenir's son had passed away in the 'Forsaken Area' and that he was not allowed to be taken out of that area. The statement read:

To whom it may concern, let it be known that the being described as son of Laenir of Goran belonged in the 'Forsaken Area' of the city of Malrun, and that by Malrun city laws, no being belonging in that area is allowed to leave, be it dead or alive. The aforementioned being died on 20 Charilea. The body was cremated as per common custom.

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