Campaign Diary (12-13 Byroa)

12 Byroa (Goran)

The party arrived in Goran after a 2 week travel from Malrun. After some looking around, everyone checked into the 'River Ward Inn', located on the Palace Way side of the River Ward in Goran. After checking into their rooms, everyone went down to the main room to have dinner. Cerilon had a chat with the barkeeper, to find out where Palace Ward might be, and whether he happens to know Laenir. Meanwhile Panoramix went to mingle a bit, and he asked people about Palace Ward. One group he talked to a bit mentioned that they didn't really know because they had business in Magister instead.

Around 8:30 PM 6 city guards entered the inn, stating that by regulation 27a(d)(5) of the city code they had the right to raid any public place if there was reasonable cause to believe that illegal activities might be conducted there, or if a wanted person was believed to be hiding there. The leader of the constabulary told everyone he was looking for some thugs, upon which Elijah stood up shouting that if there were thugs staying in this inn, he does not want to stay here, and wishes to go stay in a different (respectable) inn. He was immediately told to sit down.

As the guards split up in two groups, and started questioning people, the party discussed what they should tell the guards. The general consensus was that it would be best to just tell them the truth. Ragnor expressed how he highly dislikes being in an inn with thugs, and stated that he would go to the inn keeper at the earliest opportunity and demand their money back.

When the guards reached the table the party was sitting at, they explain how they were hired by Laenir to find his son. When asked to mention everything they found with Laenir's son, the 2 ruby's, 1 amethyst and 3 gold coins were mentioned to the leader of the constabulary. He demanded them, and after agreeing to give the party a receipt for the items, they released them into his keeping. The party was allowed to keep the letter from Laenir's son to his father, and the statement from the Malrun city officials. The receipt read:

Confiscated 2 ruby's, 1 amethyst and 3 gold coins.
[Signed Balkir]

The city guards ordered the party to go stand with another group off people they previously selected out of the main room of the inn, and continued questioning people at the remaining tables. In all, when the guards were done, 24 people were standing off to the side (not near the exit or fireplace). As soon as the guards finished questioning people, they came over to the group of people and stated they would be searching them. And thus they started.

While people were getting searched one by one, Ragnor whispered to Panoramix that they should split up in case the guards would find the piece of skin with the brand on it. Panoramix didn't consider this to be a good idea. Thus Ragnor went to Cerilon and plead his case with him. Again, there was no agreement on splitting up. Elijah did the 'drunk victim' routine twice, once to drop the piece of skin in the drunk's pocket, and another to slip him his thieves' picks. The latter attempt failed and caused the picks to drop to the floor. Elijah guided the drunk down to the floor to be more steady and at the same time placed his foot on the thieves' picks.

Ragnor started to distance himself from the party (mostly from Elijah). Finally, the guards search Panoramix and next Moretta. Both searches come up with nothing, and they are told to go sit down. Cerilon, growing tired of waiting to be searched, simply offered himself to the guards to be searches. They happily obliged, and found nothing. He was told to go sit down, and next Elijah offered to be searched. However, at that moment, Ragnor got spotted by one of the guards when he was trying to shuffle away from the group of people to be searched, and attention is immediately drawn away from Elijah. Instead, Ragnor got searched and the piece of skin with the brand was found on him. He got taken aside, and Balkir directed his companions to arrest the rest of the party. Just then, Ragnor made a desperate attempt to reach the door of the inn, and succeeded. Balkir and the rest of the guards gave immediate pursuit, and forgot about the rest of the party.

Forgotten in the turmoil, and as people in the inn were slowly settling down again from the commotion, the party went to fetch their stuff from their rooms, and Elijah saw Ragnor being apprehended by the city guards, and be dragged off in the direction of what is later found to be the Palace of Justice.

In an attempt to flee the inn without being noticed, the party tried to leave through Ragnor's room (the only one facing away from the street), but found it locked. Laurana attempted to find traps and unlock the door. No trap was found, but the attempt to unlock the door failed. As such, the party left the inn quietly through the regular doorway, and set out to leave the city of Goran.

At the sight of 12 guards at the city gates, where there had only been 4 when the party entered the city a couple of hours earlier, the decision was made that they were probably looking for them. The party went to look for a new place to spend the night, and checked into a fairly basic, less than middle class style inn, named 'In Justice'. The grumpy old inn keeper took their money and gave them rooms on the second and third floor of his inn.

The party spent a peaceful night.

13 Byroa (Goran)

In the morning Moretta asked the inn keeper of 'In Justice' where to find a tinsmith, at Elijah's request to find scales. The inn keeper asked whether they were looking for souvenir style scales or actually useful ones. This was in itself enough information for Elijah, but the inn keeper proceeded to give directions to a tinsmith. Not that anyone really paid much attention.

The party then paid a visit to the general store, somewhat across from the Palace of Justice. Elijah bought some chimes and cloth (to silence the chimes when carrying them), and asked the store clerk about the brand. He gave a fairly detailed description. The clerk immediately yelled at everyone to leave the store. As soon as the party left, the clerk closed the store.

While pondering over this strong reaction to the description of the brand, Elijah got the statement from the Malrun city official from Laurana, and copied the message from the son of Laenir onto it.

The party then proceeded to the Palace Ward in search for Laenir's place. Elijah asked about Laenir in the 'Fool's Belly' inn, yet no information was obtained this way. Cerilon afterwards asked one of the palace guards about Laenir, and was told that someone with that name and description indeed was known, but that he was not a trader at all. Instead, according to the palace guard, Laenir was a member of the High Council of Goran. He also told Cerilon where to find Laenir's mansion. In return for this information, Cerilon offered the guard some money, and was met with a very fierce refusal.

Knowing now where to find Laenir's home, the party headed over there, and Elijah addressed the guard about their business. Upon showing the guard the urn, he went inside and returned a while later with someone who he introduced as Laenir's secretary. The secretary discussed the situation about Laenir's son with the party, and the deal Laenir made with them. Everything goes fine until Elijah took the secretary aside and drew the brand in the dirt. Immediately the secretary ran back to the house, yelling for the guards.

As the guards came running, Panoramix ran away, while Laurana and Moretta took cover out of sight, ready to act upon any combat that might occur. Cerilon and Elijah however dropped down their weapons, deciding they had no chance against the city guards (even if they got away, all guards would be looking for them). One of the guards (the one that had addressed them earlier) asked in a hiss what the hell Elijah had told the secretary. Elijah drew the brand once again, and the guard told him that this brand marks convicted criminals of the highest degree. He also explained that while everyone in the city of course knows about Laenir's son having been a convicted criminal, no one would ever openly mention it since Laenir is very powerful. Finally, he told the party that they should go to an inn in Magister, named 'My Coin'. Upon parting, the guard kicked over the urn with the ashes, saying 'Whoops.'

Cerilon, Elijah, Laurana and Moretta made their way back to 'In Justice', and after some time, Cerilon took off to look for a wood shop. While he was gone, Panoramix finally found his way back to the inn (after have lost 2 gold coins to a pick pocket). Awaiting Cerilon's return, Elijah and Panoramix went down to the main room off the inn to do some gambling (with moderate gains). Meanwhile, Cerilon learnt more about the city as he looked for a store, and finally bought a decent piece of wood to make a composite long bow out of (for 5 gold coins).

After Cerilon returned to the inn (carrying a fairly large piece of raw wood), the party headed to 'My Coin' in Magister.

'My Coin' turned out to be an inn that was located at the centre of a block, with no windows on the ground floor. Entering the inn, Cerilon went to the rather shady bartender. Obviously, this inn must have known its bad times, since the interior was fairly grim looking and the bartender had a scabbard with sword hanging within reach behind the bar.

Cerilon approached the bar tender and slipped him 2 gold coins. He then asked the bartender what brands he had. The reply was that these gold coins were a good brand, and that his room was on the third floor, in the right far corner. The party went up there, and passed a slightly unpleasant looking person, busy cleaning his nails with a dagger.

At the door of the room, the party knocked and was told to get in and sit down. A person behind a desk introduced himself as Coin, and told the party that he had a proposal for them. He wanted them to retrieve the piece of skin with the brand, and also try to figure out what was behind the deaths of the people who had those brands. He explained that convicted criminals that got a brand were somehow shipped off to 3 mines, of which one is somewhere in the mountains, one is is near the ocean, and the location of the third one was not known. The party was not willing to accept right away, but rather wanted to think about it. Coin was OK with this, but urged them not too wait too long.

Back in the 'In Justice', Moretta remembered noticing that the banner outside the 'My Coin' bore a very close resemblance to the holy symbol of Byrda, Goddess of the Afterlife (LE). This immediately made the party decide not to take up Coin's offer for a job. As they were contemplating leaving the city, someone knocked on the door. After some exchanges to determine whether this person was a threat, the white robed woman entered the room. She introduced herself as Galo, priestess of Fonea. During her talk with the party, she mentioned that the lord of Goran was a member of the High Council, but that it was never known to anyone but the council members who the lord was. Whenever he would be seen in public, some illusion spell or something would hide his identity. Yet, she was fairly certain that it was not Laenir.

More information that she could provide the party with was that of the 3 mines, one could not be entered by normal means, and that the convicts never left the city of Goran by normal means anyhow. Gateways to the mines (or areas close to them) existed in the Palace of Justice, and it was also known that one other gateway was known to exist in the temple of Meanos. What mine it led to she could not say.

While Galo could not promise the party specific gains for helping the case she represented, she mentioned that rewards would be significant. In addition, she would make sure that within 1 day's time the members of the party would not be wanted anymore by the city guards.

After Galo left, the party settled down for the night.

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