Campaign Diary (14-16 Byroa)

14 Byroa (Goran)

All day, the party kept a pretty low profile awaiting the nullification of their Wanted status. Elijah gambled all day (with moderate success), while Cerilon worked on his bow and Laurana studied. Moretta played her lute and sang as general entertainment during the wait, and to keep up her practise. In preparation for the next day, everyone except Elijah had a new gray robe bought (by hiring someone to go buy them), and Cerilon cut his hair.

Cerilon paid a boy who worked in the inn to being up food and drinks for everyone, to avoid the need to go down to the main room for meals. He also left instructions to send up any visitors they might get.

And thus, at 6 PM Galo showed up at Cerilon's room, where the entire party was hanging out (except for Elijah, who was snoring like never before in his room, after he accepted a slightly suspicious free drink from an obscure man - he lost part of his gambling winnings in the process). Galo informed the party that her plan had succeeded and that none of the party would be wanted anymore come morning. She also answered the questions from the party about what is known in reference to the gateways to the mines. Upon mentioning the Temple of Meanos as a location for one of the gateways (other than the Palace of Justice), she gave the party a scroll of 'Protection from Undead'.

Upon suggestion from Cerilon, Laurana went to explore the location of the Temple of Meanos. She took the scroll with her, just in case. Unfortunately, her exploration didn't result in much information. Upon arriving at the location of the temple, she saw the huge black statue of a hooded man, holding up a cross. Huge stairs (10-12 steps) rose around the base of the statue, to join behind it in front of the heavy oak doors of the temple. The only notable aspect of the trip to the temple was that someone looked at Laurana in a rather questioning way. The person then shuffled along hurriedly, as if afraid.

After Laurana reported her findings to the rest of the party, back in the 'In Justice' inn, everyone went to bed.

15 Byroa (Goran)

Rising early in the morning, Cerilon paid the inn keeper for another 2 days of stay in the inn (for the entire party, including Elijah who was still heavily sleeping in his drunken/drugged state). Then Cerilon, Laurana, Moretta and Panoramix headed towards the Temple of Meanos. It was just as it was the evening before, when Laurana went to check it out. However, now there was a very noticeable fog on the graveyard that surrounded the temple. In all, the fog was probably present the evening before as well, but due to the late hour it was not as noticeable.

Cerilon ventured onto the graveyard, checking out the outside of the temple in search for a possible back door. None was found, and it became apparent that one could not really enter through any window either (unless perhaps after climbing the wall).

As Cerilon returned to the party in front of the temple to report his findings, Panoramix banged on the door with his staff. As a direct result, the rest of the party scattered away from the door, and someone from within yelled in a fairly angry tone about the loud banging on the door. It turned out that the person was sleeping, and that he was quite upset about the banging. Panoramix manages to come to an agreement with the person that he can come back around midnight, and tour around the temple. Panoramix had expressed the desire to do so, and obviously the person didn't object to that.

To kill the time until midnight, Cerilon and Laurana went to the temples of Adina and Fonea to present offerings and receive the blessings of the priests of Adina and Fonea. Meanwhile, Moretta chose a nice spot in the city to play her lute in public and try to raise some money. It turned out that in a big city such as Goran, this does not tend to raise much money. Panoramix went back to the inn to listen in a bit on people's conversations. Nothing important was picked up, other than some drunks complaining about how full the jails must be with all those criminals being put there and never leaving. There was also a drunk judge complaining about the injustice of justice, in that he is the best judge in the city and that therefore he could never get a fair trial because there would be no one proficient enough to render judgement on him.

After some time, the party reconvened in the inn and rested.

16 Byroa (Goran)

A bit before midnight, the party headed back to the Temple of Meanos, all as if they were not related in any way. Panoramix went to the temple door, and found it closed, so he knocked on the door. Meanwhile, the rest of the party kept a close eye on the situation, but from a distance and not in an obvious way. The doors to the temple open, and a butler-like man lets Panoramix in. The man introduces himself as Reginald, the butler. He refers Panoramix to the waiting room, and leaves.

The waiting room was definitely not what one might call comfortable. Hard wooden chairs lined the walls, and a huge blood red cross was hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room, at about eye level (when sitting). After a pretty long wait (about 30 mins), Panoramix heard a scream, followed by a man's voice yelling 'Oh, shut up!' Immediately, Panoramix went into the hall, but found nothing that could indicate what happened or where the sound came from. To continue his search, he ventured through the doors opposite the front door, and entered a large temple hall. In the far end, on a 3-step platform he saw a golden tomb with some etched scroll work. As he walked further into the hall, he noticed two smaller silver tombs in the back, one on each side of the doors.

In the meantime, the rest of the party (Cerilon, Laurana and Moretta) decided not to wait any longer and go look for Panoramix. Cerilon opened the temple doors (without knocking) and the party progressed straight into the temple hall. They went directly to the golden tomb where Panoramix was casting a detect magic and Cerilon knelt down as if to pray and actually moved his lips pretending to pray. During the praying, all of the party surveyed the surroundings, and looked for small things like movements of the drapes that cover all walls. This way, the party found 3 concealed doors.

Laurana looked for traps on the concealed door behind the golden tomb, but did not find anything. Her attempt to pick the lock failed. Cerilon then placed his hands on the tomb, and asks entry, but nothing happened.

Disappointed, the party moved on to the next concealed door. On their way there, all but Cerilon noticed Reginald appearing out of nowhere, rubbing the tomb gently with a soft cloth, and disappearing again. Laurana failed to pick the lock on this door also, but when trying the third door, she succeeded.

After following the corridor around the outside of the temple hall, the party found a staircase leading down. With Cerilon at the front, followed by Panoramix, Laurana and Moretta in the back, the party carefully went down the stairs into the pitch black interior. Not even Panoramix' lantern shed any light in the darkness.

Suddenly the party found themselves in a metal cage-elevator, going down. After a little while, it came to a halt in a small room. The room was very bare, with only a few piece of a strange ore on the ground. Corridors were seen in the east and south, and a closed door to the west.

Cerilon opened the door to the west, and after Panoramix lighted his lantern, the party headed to the west. After a turn to the north, they found themselves facing 3 Troglodytes. After a pretty fierce fight, Moretta killed 2 of them, while Cerilon killed the last one. The only treasure found was 27 copper coins.

In the next room (empty save for some decaying remains of unfortunate souls), a door to the south was found to be stuck, but Cerilon's brute force dealt with that rather efficiently. Some high level of healthy paranoia must have been present right before this, because the wedge Cerilon had prepared together with Moretta's look into the corridor behind the door (as it opened) saved the party. She saw a Drow! Cerilon immediately slammed the door shut and drove the wedge between the door and the floor, while yelling at the rest of the party to get the hell out of there. All ran through the corridor to the elevator, and when everyone except Cerilon was in it, he pushed the control lever (inconveniently located in the northwest corner - out of reach when in the elevator) up, and leapt for the elevator. He made it!

After some time going up in the elevator (well beyond the point where they had appeared earlier on in the elevator), the party suddenly found itself in a single room building made out of bare rock. It was devoid of any furniture.

Being pretty beat up the party headed for the Temple of Fonea, but when they arrived there they were referred to Galo's house. When they got there, Galo let them into her small house, and they recounted what happened. She explained that Troglodytes were very rarely seen in the land around Goran, and that they were often used by Drow as servants. The only Drow she had heard about were in the far mountains to the west of Goran. She then proceeded to heal Cerilon, Panoramix, and Laurana, and charged 3 gold coins for this service. She also provided the party with 4 potions of healing, charging 2 gold coins per potion (a real deal). Cerilon asked for parchment, ink and a pen, and got it for free.

Still fairly shaken up by the events of the night, the party headed back to the inn, and slept.

After a well needed rest, Cerilon went out to buy himself a small shield, and the party headed back to the building they emerged from earlier that morning. Unfortunately, nothing was found in the building. It was completely bare.

And so, the party headed back to the Temple of Meanos (still without Elijah).

The door to the temple turned out to be locked, and though Laurana failed to pick the lock, the door opened anyway. Reginald politely greeted the party, and let them in. Cerilon asked Reginald who he worked for, and was told that Brael was his boss. Reginald then left the party, who went back to the staircase and ventured down.

Once again the party found itself in the elevator, and a bit later in the room it stopped in. Heading back to the door where the Drow was at their earlier exploration, preparations were made to face this highly dangerous encounter. After careful planning, Moretta opened the door... and revealed an empty corridor. The party carefully ventured into the corridor and encountered another door. Laurana successfully unlocked this door, and Cerilon opened it into a room with the Drow. A violent and dangerous combat began. After being hurt a bit beyond comfort level, the Drow cast Darkness and Faerie Fire. After quite some fighting (of which some in the dark, including Laurana's Burning Hands), a very lucky hit with Moretta's arrow killed the Drow.

After Cerilon regained consciousness (he got badly hurt by the Drow), Panoramix found a key on the Drow's corpse. The Drow armour was recognised by Moretta as equivalent to elven chain, and both Moretta and Laurana informed Cerilon that the tale about Drow armour wearing down fast in sunlight is not true, but that indeed some of the protective aspects of the armour are reduces in sunlight. As only present High Elf, Laurana was given the armour and the Drow's dagger. Moretta got the long sword. Both of these weapons were made of the same alloy as the armour: Adamantite.

The party finally found time to investigate the room a bit closer, and found it to be a quite nice room. Well assorted pillows and cushions formed the main furniture in the room, while the walls were lined with black silk. Cerilon ripped off part of this covering and packed it away. A black chest (black silk covering a wooden chest) was seen in the southeast corner.

Laurana did not find any traps on the chest, and when she opened it, a blinding gas escaped. Instantly, Cerilon was struck blind for an hour, while it wore off for Moretta and Laurana after 50 minutes. Panoramix was not affected, and checked the contents of the chest. He found 25 platinum coins, 83 gold coins, 9 silver coins, and two gems.

While still blind, the party searched the room for any concealed or secret doors but didn't find anything. When nothing was found, and everyone could see again, the party decided to retire to the inn and spend the night... surely to venture out again the next day!

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