Campaign Diary (17-18 Byroa)

17 Byroa (Goran)

Upon Elijah's suggestion, the entire party went to 'Elminster's Magic Shoppe' in Magister. He asked about the possibility of obtaining a tracking device, with a magical beacon and a direction indicator or something like that. Elminster had to disappoint the party because no such item was in stock, but it could be a custom order, which would take about a week and 1500 gold coins.

Elminster also offered spell component cases to Laurana and Panoramix, for 50 gold coins each. Cerilon haggled a bit on the price, and finally agreement was reached for 45 gold coins for Laurana's spell component case, and 43 gold coins for Panoramix'. Elminster informed them that the spell component case would explain its own use. Elijah bought a Greek fire.

Next the party found its way to a weapon shop. Moretta bought 30 light quarrels for her cross bow.

Then, the day really started with the party heading for the Temple of Fonea. They asked for Galo, and told her about the tracking device they wanted to purchase at the magic shop. Galo unfortunately had to inform the party that her temple didn't have that much money at all, and that in fact the money to buy the healing potions had been a very large chunk of their resources already. With some disappointment, the party headed over to a bank and was horrified to hear that they charged 1% of the deposited money as holding fee. In the end, the party decided to deposit 20 platinum coins in the bank (paying the 1 gold coin fee up front, as required).

Finally, everyone headed for the Temple of Meanos. As usual during daytime, the doors were closed and locked. Elijah tried to pick the lock, and failed. Yet, the doors did open, with a pretty annoyed Reginald at the door handle. It was made clear in not easily misunderstood terms that attempts to pick the lock are not welcome, because they set off the alarm system. He stated that future entry into the temple wiuld require some sacrifices (such as bodies to be delivered to him). After that grumpy statement he retired back to bed, and the party headed back down to the mine.

First task at hand was heading back to the residence of the Drow. Here, Cerilon got himself another 4 sheets of black silk (3 by 6 feet), while Elijah acquired one sheet of silk and a nice pillow. Then, the party headed back to the elevator room, and south from there. On the left side, a small corridor led to an unlocked door. Behind it, a room was found with a single beaten up table in the middle. On top of the table was a stone urn. Upon checking it out, Elijah got attacked by a Crawling Claw from the urn, and he killed it rather well. Cerilon checked the contents of the urn, and found 2 gold coins and 7 coppers. Cerilon handed this loot to Elijah.

Heading further south, the party was met with some resistance in the form of 5 Troglodytes. During the combat, Cerilon and Panoramix noticed 3 metal things (boxes of some sort) in the room behind the Troglodytes. Without too much trouble, Cerilon killed a Troglodyte, and Elijah killed 2 others. At a somewhat slow moment in the combat, the two remaining Troglodytes managed to leave somewhere, with only a loud bang giving a clue.

Upon entering the room again, Cerilon and Panoramix found that the metal things they saw before are no longer there. The party did see a door to the right, and found that it led to another door at the end of a short corridor. Behind this door, 4 Troglodytes were found (along with the 3 metal urns). The combat was very fierce and quite deadly at this point. Elijah kept the Troglodytes busy by continuous taunting and dodging. Unfortunately, the taunting worked better than the dodging, and he ended up getting hit down to -10 hit point. He did make his system shock save, and therefore did survive the event. Cerilon and Moretta both got hit very hard also, and had to resort to each drinking a healing potion. Laurana realized suddenly that because Troglodytes are known to work for Drow (and because of their less than perfect intelligence), it might affect them if she would appear to be a Drow. She borrowed Moretta's Drow sword, and fought the Troglodytes. Their morale dropped a bit from this, and the party did actually succeed in annihilating these foul creatures.

Cerilon investigated the first urn, and found a bag in it. When he tried to cut through the bag with his sword, the contents of the bag (128 gold coins) was hurled at quite high velocity into his face by a massive explosion. It must have hurt, given that he was knocked unconscious at -9 hit point. During Cerilon's little nap, Laurana checked another urn and found 273 gold coins and 9 silver coins. (The last urn was found to be empty.)

Given the damaged state of the party, the decision was made to head straight back to the elevator. This time Laurana made the jump from the control box to the elevator, and once back in the city, the party headed for Galo's house. There was no one there, so instead the Temple of Fonea was paid a visit. Elijah offered 5 gold coins and 7 copper coins to Fonea, and party as a whole paid 45 gold coins for healing everyone to their maximum. Cerilon offered another 10 gold coins.

In preparation for more adventuring the next day, the party went on a big shopping spree, with Cerilon buying chain mail, a bassinet, a composite long bow, and 24 sheaf arrows. Elijah purchased 6 vials of Greek fire, Moretta got herself a split mail, and Panoramix settled for a small shield. Cerilon also traded in his short bow for 10 gold coins, and he gave his arrows to Laurana. Having spent a lot of money (337 gold coins and 2 silver coins in total), the party went back to the inn, paid 2 gold coins for a week of lodging and food, and went to bed.

18 Byroa (Goran)

Amazingly, after getting beaten up so badly the day before, the party headed back to the Temple of Meanos at 4 AM! As expected, the doors opened easily and the party headed back into the temple. Elijah looked for some additional secret doors but didn't find any, and so everyone went back to the elevator room. From here, an exploration of the eastern part of the mine commenced. Going west, a corridor leading left was found, ending in a a door. Rather than going through the door, the party traced back to the main corridor and continued on. Next came a corridor to the right, ending in a door also. Further east along the main corridor, it turned right to the south, and then further on right again to the west. The party did not explore this corridor further at this point.

The party headed back to the first door they didn't enter (from the elevator room east, and then the first left leading north). Upon opening the door, 8 Goblins were seen in the room. Laurana's Burning Hands spell took care of 5 of them, while Cerilon's arrow killed another one. Elijah told the remaining 2 Goblins to sit in a corner and be quiet. Searching the room (with some minor annoyances due to the sneakiness of the Goblins), Cerilon found a scroll case and 6 gold coins, 3 silver coins and 5 copper coins. He gave the Goblins the 5 copper coins.

By interrogating the Goblins, the party found out that the mine they were in was actually located in the mountains to the far west of the city of Goran. When the subject came up on what to do with the Goblins, Panoramix wanted to help them, while Cerilon and Moretta were more inclined to just leave them. While the subject was being discussed, Laurana checked out the scroll case and found a scroll with the 'Jump' spell. Eventually, the party came to the agreement to tie up the Goblins, and spike the door.

Now, the party headed to the next corridor (to the right) that also ended in a door. Laurana picked the lock, and inside the party found the sad remains of what must have been a weaponry. All that remained though were broken weapon racks. Next, the long main corridor was followed back to the end, into an empty room. A door to the left (south) led into a room with a pile of very poor ore. When Cerilon and Elijah found out it was extremely poor Adamantite ore, they each filled a sack with ore to carry with them (60 lbs each).

Back at the room where they left the Goblins, the party found they were gone. After searching for a secret door (and finding one in the eastern wall), the party found itself in a cave that was party flooded with murky water. On a rough estimate the far east was probably about 8 feet deep, while a door in the south wall must have been in about 2 feet of water. Oh, and there were also 2 Troglodytes in the room. After a decent fight, Laurana killed one Troglodyte, while Moretta killed the other.

Suddenly, a Drow became visible as he cast Burning Hands in the direction of the party, doing 4 hit point damage to everyone. After quite some combat rounds, Elijah charged the Drow, and passed right through it. The real Drow (just outside the room) cast Darkness around most of the party, and later got hit quite a bit by Panoramix and Laurana (primarily). When on death's porch, the Drow got disintegrated (including all its possessions).

Searching the cave, Elijah checked out a chest in the north east of the room, and found 63 gold coins, 4 silver coins and 23 copper coins. Further searching did not reveal anything new, and Cerilon closed and locked the chest again.

This done, the party headed back to the elevator room, only to find out that the elevator was not there...

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