Campaign Diary (18-19 Byroa)

18 Byroa (Goran) [10 AM]

While it was still early in the day, no one in the party had any spells left, and the elevator was not in the elevator room. Cerilon flipped the lever up, without any effect. He then tried to flip it down, and again nothing happened. Panoramix threw a coin in the elevator shaft, and estimated that it had to be more than 40 feet deep. Laurana made a different estimate (also based on the sound of the coin hitting the bottom and someone shouting 'Ow'), and figured it had to be about 150 feet deep.

Elijah made the suggestion to climb the elevator chain, and did exactly that. After climbing about 80 feet, he slipped and fell down the shaft. An attempt to save him by pulling a rope across the shaft (done by Cerilon and Moretta) merely resulted in Elijah hitting the rope, flipping past it, and then dropping down to the bottom of the elevator shaft. A loud 'Ouch' followed. Immediately after that, the elevator chain started to move downward. Panoramix flipped the lever up at about the same time as Laurana grabbed onto the chain under the elevator cabin. The elevator came to a halt at the elevator room.

Laurana climbed down the chain and encountered another elevator room. She shouted the description to the rest of the party (still at level 1). She then continued to climb down. After a while, she noticed some lights below her accompanied by quite excited voices. Suddenly an arrow barely missed her, and she quickly climbed back up to the second level. She managed to jump off the chain, and tried the lever down and then up. Nothing happened. She shouted to the rest of the party to move the lever on their level down and she then pulled her lever down. The elevator started moving down, and Panoramix jumped in (the rest of the party was already in it). Shortly afterwards, the elevator stopped at the second level.

Laurana went up ahead and got attacked by 3 Troglodytes. After being hit rather badly, she disengaged from combat, and the rest of the party entered into combat. Cerilon killed two of the Troglodytes, and Panoramix killed the other. After searching the room, 4 gold coins, 5 silver coins and 5 copper coins were found as treasure. Due to the rather hurt state of the party, Moretta drank a potion of Healing (from Panoramix), and Laurana drank hers. The party then made camp in the room, until midnight.

During the night, in Cerilon's watch, he heard the sound of stone scraping on stone, and some footsteps walking away from where the party was. He estimated that the source of the sound was exactly 69 feet away.

19 Byroa (Goran)

Cerilon told the party about what happened during his watch, and the party went in search for the door Cerilon heard. It was not found where Cerilon said it had to be, but rather 24 feet away from that point. Laurana failed to pick the lock, and the party decided to give up on this for now. Going back to the room they spent the night, the party found a secret door leading into a long corridor. They followed the corridor and encountered a room off to the left. As Laurana opened the door, the party noticed a Troglodyte. Cerilon killed it, and found 7 silver coins and 3 copper coins.

Continuing on the corridor, the party was blocked by a heavy door. Laurana picked the lock, and opened the door. It gave access to a platform with a railing. In the middle of the platform a console with three levers could be seen. The one off to the left was marked D, the middle one S and the right one Y. Beyond the railing (about 50 feet down from the platform, according to Cerilon's measurement using a rope), an underground lake could be seen. Moretta threw the Troglodyte from the previous encounter into the water and it sinked. No signs of other movement could be seen as a result of this.

Laurana swam across the lake, and found a staircase leading up to a locked door. Rather than trying to pick the lock, she decided that without backing from the rest of the party it would be safer to swim back. The party made several attempts to try the levers in various combinations, without any luck. The only noticeable effect from the attempts was lots of rumbling noises in a seemingly far off place. Panoramix eventually moved the Y lever up and down rapidly, and after 7 times it got stuck in upright position.

Bereft of the entertainment, the party headed out of the room and back down the corridor, only to run into 4 Troglodytes in the room they camped not too long before. While the party fought the Troglodytes, a 5th one tried to sneak up behind the party. Laurana noticed his attempt and killed him. During the combat, she killed another Troglodyte, Panoramix killed 2 and Moretta killed the last one. The meager treasure found on the corpses was 4 gold coins and 8 copper coins.

Panoramix healed Moretta, and the party headed out of the room towards the elevator room. The elevator was still there, and after a short stop at level 1 (where Laurana did the honours of moving the lever up and jumping into the elevator). As soon as the party got back to the city, they headed to the inn and Cerilon paid the inn keeper. It was about 4:30 AM by now.

A trip to the Temple of Fonea resulted in everyone being healed by Galo. Cerilon gave Galo a piece of Adamantite ore, and he asked her whether she might know what DSY means. Her response was that perhaps it was someone who didn't know how to spell DRY. He also asked whether Galo knew where to find any adventurers that are for hire (probably because the party lost one of their members). She suggested checking out an inn called 'Suit Yourself' in the Dock Ward.

The party headed to the 'Suit Yourself' and got in contact with a female fighter named Ester. After proper introductions and discussion of the party goals, she decided to join the party, and everyone headed back to 'In Justice' for a good night's rest.

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