Campaign Diary (20 Byroa)

20 Byroa (Goran) [9 AM]

Over breakfast, Moretta suggested to go back to the case on the first level of the mine. The party decided against this for now, and instead some time was spent in the city of Goran. Cerilon went to buy a morning star, and he sold his 60lb of Adamantite ore to Elminster who volunteered the information that it is not wise to walk around with this kind of stuff in Goran.

Panoramix in the meantime went for a stroll in the park.

Moretta and Laurana went to the Mage's Guild to inquire about obtaining a spell book. Moretta was told that a spell book is very expensive and that the guild might be willing to provide her with one in exchange for magical items. Given that the party was not willing to give up magical items, they tried to find another way to strike a deal. The mage offered that in exchange for retrieving the famous Staff of Moralis (a staff with a black crystal) a spell book could be provided to Moretta. Questioning the mage further revealed that the staff belonged to one of the previous guild masters, who went into the mountains to investigate something and never returned. Moretta and Laurana decided to discuss the issue further with the party and that they would get back to the guild later.

After meeting up with Panoramix and picking up Ester, the party headed to the Temple of Meanos. By now it was about 1 PM. Cerilon wiggled his knife in the lock, and caused Reginald to come open the door. He made it clear that he was letting them in for the last time. The party made its way down to the cave on on the first level, closing the secret door from the room to the cave as a safety precaution. Laurana waded to the door to the south of the cave, with the rest of the party (except for Panoramix) following her. She picked the lock successfully, and though the door was stuck, she managed to force it open.

The party encountered 3 Giant Lizards, and after a fairly heavy fight, Cerilon killed 2 of them while Laurana killed the other. At this point, a Drow attacked the party. He cast Darkness, the party awaited the return of light while Moretta sang to raise the morale of the party. When the Darkness finally lifted Ester, Laurana and Moretta were taken by surprise, because the Drow turned out to be an illusion cast by a real Drow in the room to the north. He attacked the party. Cerilon got hit by Magic Missile twice, and after Cerilon went unconscious, the Drow cast Darkness again.

After the second Darkness lifted, Laurana and Ester got hit by magic Missiles twice, causing Ester to go unconscious. Then Laurana and Moretta got hit by Magic Missile, and Panoramix killed the Drow. The treasure found on the Drow was quite impressive: Drow chain mail, a Drow long sword, a Drow dagger, a short bow with 12 flight arrows, a scroll case with a 'Sleep' spell, and 80 platinum coins, 74 gold coins, and 1 silver coin.

Since the fight reduced the party to a minimum of hit points, the party decided to go back to the city. The Drow body was left off in building A and Cerilon told Reginald it was there. They then headed to the Temple of Fonea to get healed.

Cerilon went to Elminster's Magic Shoppe and tried to sell the Drow dagger. Elminster offered 500 gold coins for it, but Cerilon instead asked for an object like a coin with a Continual Light spell cast on it. The deal got closed.

Moretta went to the Mage's Guild to try to get her spell book in exchange for the Drow chain mail, and got told that the mage had to consult his superiors whether the original deal was still possible. He told her to come back in 3 to 4 hours.

On the way back to 'In Justice' Panoramix bought 40 darts. Once in the inn, Laurana succeeded in learning the 'Sleep' spell, but her attempt to learn the 'Jump' spell failed.

When the party returned to the Mage's Guild, a decision had been reached. The mage explained that Moretta could indeed get a spell book the next morning in exchange for the Draw chain mail, and that the guild wanted to offer some additional advantages to the party in exchange for the Staff of Moralis. In detail, the following was offered:

Moretta will get one additional spell when raising a new level.
Laurana will get one additional spell when raising a new level as mage.
Enchantment of Cerilon's composite long bow if it can be enchanted.
Possible additional assistance on a case by case basis.

In the park, a rather strange looking young man approached the party, and introduced himself as Anac. He asked to join the party and managed to persuade them to give him a try. Panoramix even took him out to dinner at 'Boron's Tummy'. Anac ordered chicken and milk, while Panoramix ordered wine, deer and vegetables. After dinner, Panoramix bought Anac a long sword and full leather armour. After getting back to the inn, agreement was reached on when the party would meet up with Anac and go out on another day of adventuring. Anac proudly showed his newly acquired sword to the party, and Cerilon told him not to show his sword to anyone.

Anac went off to pick spend the night and pick up his belongings, and the rest of the party went to sleep.

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