Campaign Diary (21-23 Byroa)

21 Byroa (Goran)

Early morning, a mage from the Mage's Guild delivered a spell book to Moretta with Nystul's Magical Aura, Feather Fall, Detect Magic and Cantrip. Later in the morning, Laurana cast Identify on the Drow chain mail and one of the Drow swords (the one carried by Moretta). But fail to disclose any information about the items.

Panoramix took a walk along the harbour and off the road outside the city of Goran. He also had a little holder made for the coin with Continual Light before returning to the inn, where the rest of the party spent a day resting.

At 4 PM, Anac arrived at the inn. He told Cerilon that he didn't show his sword to anyone other than his friend Karo, but he refused to disclose any further information about Karo when being asked about it. Cerilon then took him to a sparing facility to check out his ability to fight with a sword. The thought not to remove his armour was well spent, because Anac would have wounded him (purely by accident) during the 4 hour work out.

22 Byroa (Goran)

At 1 AM the party headed to the Temple of Meanos, and walks in. Anac used his rusty nail at the golden tomb door, and hurt his finger. Cerilon checked the lock for a needle but couldn't find anything other than a drop of blood. The party headed down to level 2. Panoramix made a case for going deeper into the mine, but got outvoted by the majority of the party. Cerilon therefore headed towards the underground lake, and the rest followed.

Laurana swam across the lake with a rope dragging behind her, and then helped the rest of the party across the lake. Once everyone got to the side with the staircase, Laurana managed to unlock the door, and after extreme precautions the party found the corridor beyond the door to be extremely empty.

Cerilon headed up the party on the walk down the corridor, and at a bend to the right, he scouted ahead. He encountered a bunch of prison cells, of which one was open. Inside, Cerilon saw 2 Troglodytes whipping someone. He flees and the Troglodytes do not follow in pursuit.

Once Cerilon reached the party and explained the situation, everyone went down in battle formation towards the cells. Once at the open cell, the party attacked. Laurana cast Sleep, unfortunately causing Anac, Cerilon and Panoramix to fall asleep due to the tight spacing in the corridor. Laurana and Moretta also lost their Burning Hands spells due to getting hit by the Troglodytes. Finally, Laurana killed one of the Troglodytes, while the other got killed by Anac when he woke up and swung his rod in three pieces. Only 86 silver coins were found on the Troglodytes. Cerilon took the whip, and Panoramix healed Cerilon, Laurana and Moretta. Panoramix also checked the victim of the Troglodytes and looked for the brand. Sure enough, he found a brand on the dead prisoner.

In search for what could be behind the other prison doors, Laurana tried to pick the locks of those that were locked (the others were found to be empty), and failed all attempts. Behind one door, the party saw a person they recognised as Ragnor. Since picking the lock failed, Cerilon forced the door open (and succeeded)). Immediately, Cerilon and Panoramix got attacked by Ragnor in an unexplainable rage. Panoramix knocked Ragnor unconscious to deal with this situation. They tied him up, as soon as he woke up he went berserk again (but he fortunately was bound well by then). The party carried him to the underground lake, and Panoramix knocked him out cold again to avoid him being a problem while crossing the lake. Once again, the party went over one by one with the help from the rope, and Moretta went last, tying herself and Ragnor to the rope. Somewhere halfway across the lake, Ragnor woke up and managed to free himself from the rope. Seeing this happening (and noticing Ragnor was drowning) Laurana dove into the lake, but to no avail. Her attempt to save him failed, and all she managed to do was retrieve his dead body.

After so much excitement, the party left the mine once more, and before leaving building A, they disguised Ragnor. They noticed several bands on him while doing this. The party then headed to the Temple of Fonea, and asked to talk to Galo. Meanwhile, Laurana went to the inn and returned with Ester. Cerilon explained to Galo where they found Ragnor and how he died. Galo told the party that the symptoms they described were known to be common results of the brand. Panoramix then gave Galo 10 gold coins to cover Ragnor's burial.

Finally, the party went back to the inn, to sleep until midnight. Anac chose to stay with Cerilon, and made his night rest somewhat disturbed by talking in his sleep.

23 Byroa (Goran)

At midnight, the party headed back into the mine, to level 2. Laurana managed to open the secret door in the northern corridor, and along the corridor that was found behind the door a room was found to the right. It turned out to be empty, except for 4 gold coins, 7 silver coins and a single copper coin. Ester also found a dust rag.

At the very end of the corridor, an expensive looking door with a plaque was found. The plaque read: 'Bragir'. When trying to listen for noises, Laurana picked up soft footsteps beyond the door. Ester knocked on the door, and got as reply (in elvish): 'We do not buy at the door.' upon which Cerilon yelled in reply 'We are not selling at the door.' After a brief moment, a more angry reply was heard: 'Go away, foul creatures.' Cerilon tried to taunt more, but without any result. Ester then tried to open the door carefully, and got hit. A Drow was standing inside the door opening, and cast Magic Missile on Anac and Laurana. Simultaneously, Darkness got cast from somewhere. Cerilon didn't stop fighting despite the Darkness and while he didn't hit anything other than run straight into another door, it did result in quite some entertaining melee combat. Unfortunately for Cerilon, someone then cast a spell that made Cerilon suddenly appear outside of the door. Meanwhile, Ester killed the Drow.

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