Campaign Diary (23 Byroa-1 Eregneo)

23 Byroa (Goran) [3 AM]

After the frustrating fight against the Drow, the party was still left in the dark due to the Darkness spell for about 20 mins. Everyone got ready to deal with this foul opponent, with Cerilon preparing to open the door, Laurana getting ready to shoot two arrows and Moretta preparing a Burning Hands spell.

As Cerilon opened the door, nothing was found behind it, causing Moretta's spell and one of Laurana's arrows to be lost at nothing at all. Panoramix took this break in the combat to heal Ester back to consciousness. A black door could be seen beyond the one Cerilon just opened (incidentally, this was the same door that Cerilon previously ran into in a furious attempt to trample the Drow in the dark).

Cerilon walked around what seemed to be an inner room that would lay beyond the door the party was now facing, but could not see anything of interest. Ester tried to find any writings or carvings on the door, but found nothing. Cerilon touched the door, and got hit badly. (Later on the party figured out that it was Ester's attempt to find writings that triggered the damaging spell with a delay.) Ester immediately dragged Cerilon out into the corridor, and Panoramix tended to his wounds. Meanwhile, Laurana detected a trap using 'Explosive Runes' on the door (while muttering that Cerilon should have let her look for traps in the first place).

Rather shaken by the turn of events, the party waited until Cerilon was conscious again, and headed out of the mine. Arriving in Goran around 6 AM, the party decided to have breakfast.

During breakfast, Panoramix announced to everyone's astonishment that he was leaving the party in search for higher goals. To be fair, he gave the party an aquamarine, an onyx, the Continual Light coin, 15 platinum coins, and 18 gold coins. After Panoramix left, the party decided to throw all their monetary belongings together, and split it up evenly. Laurana inquired around where they might be able to find another cleric to join the party, and got as reply: "In a temple, duh!"

Before retiring for a well needed rest, the party went on a shopping spree. Cerilon bought 48 sheaf arrows, 3 Greek fire, 100ft silk rope, a grappling hook, 5 pitons and a hammer. Ester bought 3 Greek fire, a composite long bow, 10 sling bullets, a close-faced helmet, 20 sheaf arrows, a splint mail and a signalling whistle. Laurana bought a backpack, and Moretta bought a backpack and 20 cross bow quarrels.

While Cerilon and Ester went back to the inn for some rest, Laurana and Moretta decided to go off to a marketplace in Goran. Moretta provided some nice entertainment for the crowd while Laurana looked after the financial stability of the party by picking some pockets. Their combined income was 20 gold coins, 6 silver coins and 1 copper coin. Satisfied with the fruits of about 2 hours of work, Laurana and Moretta retired to the inn.

At about 5:30 PM, the party headed to the Temple of Fonea to heal their wounds. On the way, Laurana and Moretta shared their gains with Cerilon and Ester. At the temple, Laurana made an offering, and Cerilon and Ester got healed by Galo. Next, the party headed for the Temple of Adina in search for a new cleric to join the party. Cerilon made an offering here, and asked one of the priest if they knew of any cleric that might be willing to join the party. The priest told the party that indeed they would be able to provide an acolyte to join the party, provided that he would share equally in all gains to then pay tithe to the temple. After agreement was reached on this, Adamar joined the party. He got an explanation of the goal of the party from Moretta while Laurana explained that the party was currently working for Galo from the Temple of Fonea. Adamar also got a long sword and full leather armour from Moretta.

Around 8 PM, the party turned in for a short rest.

1 Eregneo (Goran)

At 1 AM, before heading out to more adventure, Ester gave Adamar a hide armour, and he bought a long shield and a foot man's mace in a 24 hour adventurer's store. Then, the typical trip followed into the mine. The party headed straight back to the dwelling of the pesky Drow that caused them such a major headache the day before. The main door was closed again, and after Laurana found no traps on the door, Ester tried to flip it open without getting hurt. She did not succeed, and everyone else failed to get a hit on the Drow before it could cast Darkness again. Ester threw a Greek fire into the Darkness without any effect. A second Greek fire from Ester did have an effect... it hurt Cerilon. Her third and last one again did not have any effect.

Meanwhile, Cerilon and Laurana independently (in the dark) each chose to sneak around the inner wall beyond the door, Cerilon to the right and Laurana to the left. When the Darkness lifted, Cerilon nearly shot Laurana. The Drow was nowhere in sight. Laurana checked the door to the inner room for traps, and found 'Explosive Runes' on the door. She failed to remove the trap though.

Ester yelled at the door that she had the rest of the party at sword's hand. After some more exchanges between her and the Drow behind the door, she taunted the Drow more and he called her bluff. The result was that the entire party got hit badly by a Burning Hands from the Drow, right after he opened the door. Immediately, both Adamar and Cerilon charged at the Drow but missed. The Drow cast a spell and disappeared from sight. Adamar wanted to cleanse the room from the evil of the Drow, but realized in time that it was a Temple of Maloch.

The party noticed a skeleton in the tomb in the middle of the temple, and decided to try to destroy it. Adamar crushed the skeleton's head with his battle axe (after dropping his holy symbol on it first), Cerilon hit the skeleton with his bastard sword at the legs, Ester hit the chest and Moretta cast Burning Hands. Laurana kept Anac out of the way. Unfortunately, while the party did a lot of damage to the skeleton, it suddenly came to life as a Warrior Skeleton. The party ran in fear, and immediately the tomb and the door closed simultaneously. Once the party stopped running in fear, Anac healed Laurana and Cerilon.

The party headed back into the Drow's dwelling, and Laurana failed to pick the lock on the first two doors. She managed to unlock the third door, and when Cerilon opened it, the party saw a Drow in a library. Adamar ran up to parry any attacks from the Drow (without actually attacking it), while Cerilon, Ester and Laurana attacked the Drow. Laurana finally managed to kill the Drow, and in the coffee table the party found 4 gems (an alexandrite, a garnet, an oriental amethyst and a moon stone). On the body of the Drow, a long sword and a chain mail were found. The library itself contained 5 books on metallurgy of which 2 were in common, 6 Drow history books, 6 spell books, 25 inventory books, and 12 unmarked books.

The party took all the treasure and books, and headed back out of the mine to 'In Justice'.

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