Campaign Diary (1 Eregneo)

1 Eregneo (Goran)

After breakfast, Cerilon started working some more on his composite cross bow, while the rest of the party tried to decide what to do concerning the large amount of books they acquired. The decision was reached to see whether Elminster would be able to help, and so the party headed down to his magic shop. He informed them that he'd have to charge 5 gold coins per translation of a book title from Drow to common, 100 gold coins to check out any of the blank books, and 250 gold coins to determine which of the spell books might be dangerous.

The following were Elminster's findings:

Drow Metal works Sold for 5 gold coins
Melting Metals Worth 3 gold coins
Adamantite Mending (in Drow) Worth 20 gold coins
Armours and Weapons of Glory (in Drow) Sold for 5 gold coins
Properties of Metal (in Drow) Sold for 8 gold coins
6 history books (in Drow) Sold for 10 gold coins
25 inventory books (in Drow) Not evil
12 unmarked books 2 are evil
6 spell books 1 is evil

The party picked up the remaining 45 books, and went on their way to the Temple of Fonea to consult Galo about the books. On their way, the party ran into a large gathering of people in the middle of the road. They were standing in a circle around what turned out to be an invisible wall. Within, the party could see 11 black robed and hooded figures chanting around a body in their midst. The body started to levitate and the party thought it looked like Galo. Laurana and Moretta hurried to the Temple of Fonea and explained the situation to a priest who introduced himself as Farcis. He told them that he would see what could be done about it, and that the party should be careful, but stick around anyway and learn from what they would see. Laurana made an offering to Fonea, and as she and Moretta were about to leave, Farcis cautioned them that the party should leave at the right time.

Once back with the party amongst the crowd, Laurana and Moretta explained what happened at the temple. As the body was levitating higher, a shimmer appeared amidst the chanting figures, underneath the body. It materialised as another black robed and hooded figure. Adamar prayed to Adina and suddenly the entire party got healed. The newly arrived figure started casting a spell, while Cerilon distributed 2 of the Drow inventory books amongst the crowd as a distraction. Suddenly the spell completed and the body (now confirmed to be Galo from its looks) disintegrated as a green ray struck it.

Then the dark figure in the middle chanted another spell, slowly turned around, waving his hand at the figures surrounding him, as if dismissing them. Most of them made warding signs, but either way, they all disappeared. Then, the figure suddenly looked at Cerilon, and motioned him to leave.

The party went to the Temple of Fonea, and found most priests engaged in a silent service. Adamar and Cerilon join the honour service, and Adamar scanned around him for people that look distraught, but found only people at peace with their existence. Laurana asked a priest named Garos what was happening and he replied that the service was in honour of Galo's accomplishments. Cerilon broke off his participation in the honour service, and asked who will follow in Galo's steps. Garos replied that Farcis would be next in line. The party thanked Garos, and left after Laurana made another offering to Fonea. Garos slipped her a note, which read:

Be careful. Meet at 'The Dragon's Head' at 8 PM.
[Signed Farcis]

Cerilon gave his stuff to the rest of the party, and went back to 'In Justice' to pick up everyone's stuff, paid for another week, and left unnoticed. He rejoined the party at 'The Dragon's Head' (an inn in South Ward). Cerilon paid for a week's stay, and everyone went to their rooms to rest.

Around 7:40 PM the party went down to the main room of the inn, and Moretta sang a bit to the people there. Soon, Farcis arrived and the party retired to one of their rooms. Cerilon showed Farcis the books, and he cast a Detect Magic on them, with the following results: all spell books were found to be magical, and 4 of the unmarked books were found to be magical also (including the 2 evil ones).

Farcis offered the party a magic object (looking like a small stick) that would allow them to enter the mine unnoticed. It could only be used 5 times, but it was important because the party's trips to the Temple of Meanos had not gone unnoticed. He also took the inventory books to investigate further, making the promise that he would let the party know anything he could find out from them. Finally, he explained that the 12th figure the party say was a magister that saved Galo from eternal torments, and confirmed that Laenir was not likely to be the 12th magister. He told the party that if they needed to get in touch with him, it would serve best to contact the inn keeper rather than to visit the Temple of Fonea.

After Farcis left, the party used the stick to transport them to the second level elevator room, and went to explore more of the yet unknown corridors on the level. Heading west from the elevator room, the party followed the corridor as it bent left, and took the first corridor to the left. Taking the next left when the corridor lead into another one, the party ran into a closed door. Laurana could not find a trap on it, and after everyone backed up she cast Unseen Servant and ordered the servant to open the door.

Behind the door, the party found 5 Troglodytes, and after quite a fight, Anac killed a Troglodyte, Cerilon killed another and Laurana killed 2. The one remaining Troglodyte was taken prisoner after a fierce struggle. Interrogation reveals that the Troglodytes were hired by the Drow. No further useful information could be obtained, and at the request of the party, the Troglodyte led them to the prison cells. As the party was checking out the prison cells, 4 troglodytes attacked them from the back. After 2 Burning Hands from Moretta and melee combat from most of the party, the Troglodytes were defeated with Laurana and Moretta each killing 2.

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