Campaign Diary (2-3 Eregneo)

2 Eregneo (Goran)

The party left the Troglodyte that was guiding them in a prison cell with some food. Checking out the other cells, Laurana failed to pick one lock but was successful with the next one. Some rotting bones were all that the party found in the cell, and so they moved on (not realizing that this corpse was in fact a Ghoul). The Ghoul attacked the party, and paralysed Moretta. In the next round, the Ghoul paralysed Cerilon. Adamar eventually managed to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Farcis spoke with mage (Malek) and priest of Adina (Bart) about joining a party of adventurers to give them more resources to fulfil their task. He gave the new adventurers a lantern, 4 flasks of oil, 3 torches and 2 potions of Healing.

After the encounter with the Ghoul, the party decided to head back to Goran. In the elevator room, Cerilon failed to jump into the elevator, though he did manage to hold onto the chain below the cabin. As the elevator moved up, the party (except for Cerilon) was teleported into building A. Cerilon found himself going further up the elevator shaft, as he held onto the elevator chain for dear life. The elevator came to a halt, and Cerilon witnessed a conversation between 2 Drow and a humanoid. He decided to bang against the bottom of the elevator cabin, and was treated to a Shocking Grasp in return. This caused him to lose his grip on the chain, and drop about 20 feet. He managed to get hold of the chain again, and continued to climb down. A dark robed person (identified as Laenir) levitated down to where Cerilon was climbing. Seeing that Laenir was about to cast a spell, Cerilon decided to jump at him. Unfortunately, he was too late, and Laenir managed to finish his Teleport spell.

Suddenly Cerilon found himself a couple of feet above the ground (in Goran), and dropping out of mid air. The drop almost knocked him unconscious. He headed down to the Temple of Fonea, and found that the party had already arrived there.

The party got told that no more healing could be provided by the temple, as it was drawing suspicion. As they left the temple, a priest named Garos whispered that they should go to the inn and wait for Farcis.

When the party arrived at the inn, they found Malek and Bart waiting for them. Farcis also showed up, and explained that he arranged for Malek and Bart to join the party as reinforcements. After introductions were made, everyone went to sleep.

Around noon, the entire party reconvened, and Cerilon went to buy a new morning star (he lost his during his travels along the elevator chain). He also ran into a swordmanship instructor named Mordu. Fortunately (for the human party members), Cerilon remembered that Ester had the coin with the Continual Light, and he fetched it from her (she was drunk, and out cold).

The party used the stick from Farcis to get back into the mine. After a short trip through the unexplored rooms around the prison cells, the party decided to go back to the Drow dwelling (with scary flashbacks of the Warrior Skeleton). Going through the rooms, they encountered a Drow in the dining room. After a fairly fierce fight, the Drow cast Darkness (to the party's dismay). He cast Burning Hands right after this, hurting Bart and Laurana. Next he cast Faerie Fire and in the next two rounds Magic Missile on Moretta. While Anac ran to Moretta's rescue with Cure Light Wounds, the Drow focused on Cerilon with Magic Missile. In an attempt to find the Drow in the Darkness, Bart started to walk through the room while swinging a rope with a grappling hook around. He was not successful in locating the Drow, and when the Darkness lifted, the party saw the Drow for a split second while he was levitating in mid air. He did not disappear for long though, as he become visible again shortly afterwards, as he cast another Magic Missile on Cerilon. A Magic Missile on Bart followed, and after more of a heavy fight, Laurana eventually killed the Drow.

The well deserved treasure from the fight was a Drow long sword, a black cloak (that was later found to be magical), 76 gold coins, 9 silver coins and 3 copper coins, and a mage's scroll.

Further exploration of the dwelling revealed a kitchen where Cerilon took 4 knives, and Laurana took 4 spoons (no one bothered taking forks). At the next door, Laurana found a trap but she failed to disarm it. The needle in the lock hurt her, and Cerilon immediately treated her finger, to prevent possible poison from travelling down her bloodstream. Laurana then unlocked the door, and the party found another 12 gold coins, 9 silver coins and 9 copper coins.

After such a busy day, the party decided to lock the main door to the dwelling, and to sleep and study for the rest of the day.

3 Eregneo (Goran)

During Moretta's watch, noises were heard in the main hall of the dwelling, and later investigation revealed that the inner room (earlier on identified by Adamar as being a Temple of Maloch) was empty. Nothing else happened for the rest of the party's resting period.

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