Campaign Diary (3-6 Eregneo)

3 Eregneo (Goran) [6 AM]

The party was relaxing in the bedroom room of the Drow dwelling while Cerilon decided to check out the situation in the elevator room (as in checking whether the elevator was there). He saw 2 Drow in the room, roughly at the same time as when they saw him. He got hit by 2 Magic Missiles before he was able to run beyond their line of sight. He ran back to the party and did not get followed.

After Bart healed Cerilon, the entire party headed for the elevator room. No Drow were seen, until the party entered the elevator room itself. From the other side corridor, the 2 Drow attacked the party. Both Cerilon and Laurana got hit by Magic Missiles. After a painful fight, Bart and Moretta each killed one Drow.

The treasure was 2 long swords (regular ones, so the party left them behind), 2 chain mails, a dagger, 7 gold coins, 12 silver coins and 9 copper coins, and a cleric's scroll (Protection from Undead).

The party decided to head back to the city, and took the rest of the day off to recover.

4 Eregneo (Goran)

During this day, Ester went to buy 4 Greek fires, while Malek cast Identify on the black cloak. The Identify failed. Laurana cast Read Magic on the mage's scroll and found that it contained two spells: Knock and Invisibility. She then cast Identify on the cloak, and determined that it had to do with protection.

Due to the nature of the Identify spell, the efforts of casting the spells made it impossible for the magic users to do anything else for that day. The remainder of the party rested, and worked on improving their skills.

5 Eregneo (Goran)

The next day was spent as a full day of rest, to make it possible for everyone to heal completely from their wounds.

6 Eregneo (Goran)

Fully rested and ready to face anything, the party headed back to the Temple of Meanos. Since it was shortly after midnight, the party was able to just walk in and as they entered the temple hall, they found that it was full of dark robed people. Apparently some form of service was going on. The party decided to simply head for the secret door. However, Ester pulled her sword and suddenly dropped it because it became too hot to hold. Cerilon ran over and picked up the sword with his cloak. He dragged it out through the secret door, while ushering Ester along. Once outside the temple hall, Ester was able to pick up her sword again (after it cooled down).

The party headed back down the mine. After a brief check on the second level, the party headed further down into the mine with the elevator, and accidentally crushed Elijah on the way. Apparently the Drow (or the Troglodytes) tied him down at the bottom of the elevator shaft. After realizing what happened, the party faced another ugly surprise: there was no exit from the elevator at this level. So, instead the idea came up to climb the chain up to the second level elevator room, to use the elevator controls to go up, and search for the famous upper level (where Cerilon overheard a conversation). The entire party climbed up on the top of the elevator cabin, and made their way to the top level of the elevator.

Down a corridor from the elevator room the party found a metal reinforced door. Laurana did not find any traps on the door, and she also failed to pick the lock. After a brief discussion amongst the party, Malek cast the Knock spell from the scroll and opened the door. The door opened up to a rocky mountain slope with literally nothing alive in sight.

The party decided to spend the night outside.

When everyone woke up, a quick survey of the area followed, but nothing of any interest was found and the party decided not to explore this area any further. As the party went over all their options, Cerilon offered the suggestion that there might be a gigantic pump or something that was controlled by the console the party found earlier on. That way, the underground lake might actually be accessible in some way.

The party decided to go check out that underground lake once more, and that is were they headed. Cerilon verified that the stairs led down into the water, past the point where he would be entirely underwater. Since no one was really in favour of splitting up the party, and have someone run to the other side of the lake to use the controls, Bart offered the idea that someone could swim across the lake, and use a rope and grappling hook to get onto the platform. Ester tried this, and nearly drowned in the process. Laurana made an attempt also, and she succeeded. Once she made it up on the console, she noticed that the D and S levers were down, while the Y lever was up. She tried various combinations with the levers, until she used the combination: S down (start engine), Y down (yank chain to sluice gate), D down (drain lake). The water level of the lake started going down, and after about 40-45 minutes the entire lake was empty. The party went down the stairs (laurana climbed down the rope from the console platform), and through a door at the bottom of the lake.

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