Campaign Diary (6-7 Eregneo)

6 Eregneo (Goran) [9 AM]

The party found the door at the end of the tunnel at the bottom of the lake to be locked, and Laurana managed to pick it. It led to the bottom of another lake with a staircase leading up. The party went up the stairs, only to find a little room with a staircase leading down again. The room unfortunately also contained 4 Troglodytes, and the party entered into combat. Malek used this opportunity to try out his Colour Spray spell, with quite some success. The party suddenly also got attacked in the back by an additional 4 Troglodytes, coming up the stairs. After quite an impressive fight, Cerilon managed to kill 4 Troglodytes, while Bart, Laurana and Malek each killed a Troglodyte. Cerilon interrogated the remaining Troglodyte, without actually gaining any useful information. The party decided to leave the Troglodyte at the bottom of the stairs (basically at the bottom of the lake).

The stairs leading down brought the party into a corridor with a small side corridor on the left. Laurana went ahead to survey the area, and found 2 Drow in a guard room. Unfortunately, she got noticed by the Drow. Laurana immediately cast Burning hands. The Drow cast Darkness and Faerie Fire. Bart in return cast Light, but only one Drow was seen. That Drow cast Magic Missile on Laurana, while the other Drow became visible as he cast a Magic Missile on Bart. Shortly after, Moretta killed one of the Drow, while Cerilon killed the other.

The treasure from this encounter was 47 gold coins, 12 silver coins, and 9 copper coins, 2 long swords, 2 chain mails, a mage's scroll and a potion (cloudy, layered, spicy and ebony). The party decided that this was enough entertainment for a day, and spent the rest of the day resting in the guard room. Cerilon set a snare before he went to sleep, to ensure the party's safety.

7 Eregneo (Goran)

Around 2 AM, the party woke up, and headed out of the guard room. Continuing down the corridor, the party ended up at a bend. A door was found in the bend, and Cerilon decided to open the door. A loud explosion shook the mine as a large amount of small rocks was propelled from the room, hurting everyone except for Malek who used his wizardly cowardness to stay far behind everyone else.

After almost everyone got into the small room, Troglodytes showed up in both sides of the corridor. Early on in the fight a Drow became visible as he cast Magic Missile at Laurana, and later on another Drow showed up. The fight got very intense and deadly, but the party held their position, and they were able to rid the world of those Troglodytes. Moretta was able to kill one of the Drow, but the other one got away by casting Darkness. Cerilon and Bart charged into the Darkness to stop the Drow, but to no avail. After the Darkness lifted, not even the corpse of the slain Drow was found.

Given the state of the party, and the unknown layout of the mine, the party decided to rest and heal up before venturing further into the unknown depths of this mine.

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