Campaign Diary (7-10 Eregneo)

7 Eregneo (Goran) [8 AM]

This entire day was spent recovering from the previous encounter. Most of the time, Bart, Cerilon and Malek were still unconscious, which gave the rest of the party the opportunity to relax and rest a bit more.

8 Eregneo (Goran)

After everyone woke up, the party used a bunch of healing spells to heal up to a reasonable level. The decision was made to head back to the city. Yet, when the party got back to the underground lake, they found it full of water once more. Bart exclaimed: "Shit!"

Since returning to the city was now out of the question, the party continued where they left off two days before. After continuing for a while, the party came to the conclusion that it might be worth starting to search for secret doors. But... they also decided not to start searching just yet. One can only imagine the amazement of the Gods at this shocking conclusion (especially since the party had been passing up a couple of doors and corridors already that were not even secret or hidden). When they finally did search (a whole 30 yards further), they didn't find anything.

Somewhat disappointed, they continued until the corridor forked into a short corridor 90 degrees to the left, and a long one 45 degrees to the right. Laurana checked the corridor to the left with a mirror and found that it led into a room. The archers in the party checked out the long corridor without seeing anything in sight. The party decided to check out the room in ranger fashion, meaning that they charged in at full force. All they found was the burnt corpse of a Drow. The party had a suspicion that this might be the corpse of the Drow they killed two days ago (whose corpse never was found). Laurana turned over the corpse, and suddenly got struck by a strange phenomenon: her skin turned a dark grey (not unlike the skin of a Drow). Nothing was found underneath the body of the Drow. Bart asked Laurana whether he could put a copper piece on her skin, to see what the effects might be, and she agreed. Nothing happened. Laurana tried putting the copper piece on the Drow corpse, and as soon as she did this, both the copper piece and the Drow disintegrated.

A search for secret doors in the room did not uncover any.

With Laurana looking like a Drow, the party continued their journey along the long corridor at the right side of the fork. At a right bend of the corridor, a door was found. Laurana looked for traps, but could find any. After picking the lock, Cerilon and Ester charged into the room. They found a room with a wood stove, a table and four chairs. As soon as everyone is in the room, two Drow appear from a side room. Only Anac was surprised. After a fairly short but fierce fight, Malek and Bart each killed a Drow. The loot was only 29 gold piece, 17 silver pieces and 3 copper pieces. The two long swords and full armour chain mails were left behind. The second room had two beds that were quite uninteresting (as in: the party didn't find anything in them). Laurana checked out the wood stove and found a heavily burnt hand with a ring. Cerilon took the hand out of the wood stove with his 18 DEX and 2 swords. After a whole lot of quite gross manipulations of the hand (without ever touching it with bare skin), Cerilon managed to separate the ring from the hand. Malek quickly picked up the ring.

The adventure continued southward down the corridor. After a right turn, a passage into a parallel corridor was found, leading into a room after taking another right turn. Nothing was found in the room, not even a secret door. After backing up to the main corridor, and two left turns, the party ended up in a room with a shimmering portal. And once more, the Gods were amazed... The party ignored it, and went back to the Drow dwelling to spend the night.

9 Eregneo (Goran)

When the party woke up, they decided to go check out the northern part of the mine level. The first room was found to be entirely empty. Continuing their path, the party encountered 3 Drow. A very heavy fight followed, and the party was victorious: Laurana, Malek and Moretta each killed a Drow. It did drain the party off about all physical strength it had, and so the rest of the day was spent resting. The loot was not bad at all: 94 gold pieces, 23 silver pieces, and 5 copper pieces, a mage scroll, and two potions. The two long swords and three full armour chain mails were left behind.

10 Eregneo (Goran)

After a restful night (well, day since the party woke up around midnight), everyone headed into the corridor with the five unexplored doors. The first door had been encountered before as containing something (during the first fight with Drow on this level), so the party decided to skip it. The second door was found to be without trap, but locked. Laurana picked the lock, and the party headed into the room. It was empty save for a locked chest that Laurana picked the lock on as well. Moretta opened the chest and got hit by five arrows. It was worth the effort though because a platinum crown (valued at 8772 gold pieces) was found within, along with a black opal (worth 1273 gold pieces) and a pearl (worth 270 gold pieces).

Door No. 3 was trapped but Laurana failed to find it. As she picked the lock, she got zapped. Picking the lock did succeed though, and the party saw a little alcove in the far end of the room. Laurana walked over to it, and set off a second trap. Fortunately her superb AC saved her from getting hit by any of the 10 arrows that were fired at her. She saw that the alcove held a black leather bound book. Some kind of force field prevented anyone from removing it.

Somewhat worried with the danger of the rooms they were investigating, the party decided to take a rest before continuing their exploring.

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