Campaign Diary (10-13 Eregneo)

10 Eregneo (Goran) [5 AM]

Cerilon took off all his armour, and snuck towards the first room in the corridor. He listened at the door for about 30 minutes and heard what seemed to be a soft cough. He quickly went back to the party and suggested simply knocking on the door. Obviously the party wasn't all too sure about this idea because they proceeded to the third door. Laurana searched for traps but could not find any. Before trying to open the door, the party checked out the fifth door in the corridor. Again Laurana did not find a trap, and picking the lock failed.

Somewhat disappointed the party decided to try the one remaining door. Laurana did find a trap on this door, and she successfully disarmed it. Picking the lock succeeded also, and Cerilon entered the room, only to be attacked by a lurker that fell from the ceiling. In the combat that followed Cerilon got quite hurt from the blows the rest of the party inflicted upon the lurker. In the end, Laurana killed the lurker. A chest was also found in the room, and Laurana did not find any traps on it. Picking the locked failed.

Not quite ready to face any additional opponents, the party retired to their resting area on this level (a 10 by 10 feet room). Moretta helped the party to sleep with a sweet lullaby.

11 Eregneo (Goran)

After Bart used his Herbalism proficiency to heal the party to a more healthy level, the party headed for the fifth room in the corridor they were checking out the previous day. Laurana successfully picked the lock on the door, and an empty room was revealed. After searching for secret doors (without finding any) the room remained about as interesting as a cucumber. And so, the party went back to the chest in the fourth room. As it turned out, the chest was not locked at all. Cerilon opened it from the back, and revealed 1100 gold pieces within.

With renewed confidence in its ability to be successful, the adventurers headed for the first door (where Cerilon had heard a cough before), and Laurana cast a Knock. A quite ornate fountain was found behind the door, with a large basin resting on the shoulders of 4 Gargoyles. Unfortunately, the Gargoyles were quite real, and as such they attacked the party. A very heavy battle followed in which Anac even managed to kill a Gargoyle. Cerilon killed one also, and Laurana killed the remaining two. The fight itself was fierce and full of surprise, when the party found out that the Gargoyles could fly. Malek who took his customary position in the back was not safe from these fiends!

After the Gargoyles were slain, Cerilon filled his wineskin from the water in the fountain, and he drank from it, without any visible effect. When he washed himself a bit in the fountain, he noticed that the dirt that got in the water dissolved completely, leaving the water once more crystal clear.

Quite hurt from the combat, the party took yet another break for the rest of the day to recover. The current room with the fountain was found to be quite comfortable for that purpose (Gargoyles, being stone beings, do not result in a foul stench when they are reduced to little more than a corpse).

12 Eregneo (Goran)

When everyone woke up (around midnight, as usual), Malek cast Read Magic in the two scrolls in the party. One is identified as Spectral Hand while the other is found to be Protection from Evil. Laurana followed suit with a Detect Magic on the crown (not magic), the opal (not magic), the pearl (not magic) and the ring (magic, abjuration). Malek failed to cast Identify on the ring, but Laurana succeeded. She found out that it has to do with Dispel Magic.

The party headed over to the room with the alcove, and Malek slipped the ring on his finger. He then proceeded to take the book from the alcove and he was successful in doing so.

Due to the late hour (as a result of the duration of the Identify spells), the party spent another night in the room with the fountain.

13 Eregneo (Goran)

Having ran out of rooms to explore, the party headed to the shimmering portal. Cerilon tied a rope around his waist and after checking that he was able to put his finger through the portal and withdraw it without it being hurt, he walked through the portal. Bart pulled the rope hard, and it suddenly came loose.

From Cerilon's perspective on the other side of the portal, the rope was still tied snugly around his waist. He tugged at his end of the rope and felt some resistance. He found himself in a room without any apparent way of leaving. He tapped on all walls, and on the back wall, he actually got a reply that was a copy of his own tapping. Cerilon decided to throw a stone through the portal, followed by a second stone with a note tied to it.

Bart got hit by a stone that appeared from within the portal, and right after that Laurana got hit by a stone as well.

Cerilon decided to stick his scabbard half through the portal. Suddenly it got pulled from his hand, and disappeared into the portal. He then did the same with the scabbard of his Drow sword, carefully holding on to it.

The party saw the hilt of a sword appear from the portal. Laurana stepped forward and pulled at the hilt. After a little tug, she stood back with a long sword in her hand. A little bit later, a Cobra appeared from the portal.

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