Campaign Diary (13-14 Eregneo)

13 Eregneo (Goran) [4 AM]

The party entered combat against the snake, and soon after the fight started Laurana killed the snake. While the party stuck their heads together to decide what to do from this point on, Moretta got hit by a rock with a note around it. The note read:

What's up guys?

A fairly short exchange exchange took place with rocks being thrown back and forth. At one point, Moretta threw a rock with a note in reply, and ran away from the portal into the corridor. She set off a trap by doing this, causing an explosion that hit wounded her. A little bit later, Cerilon suddenly fell out of the portal. He was unconscious, with three head wounds and some burn marks. When he became conscious again, he could not remember anything from the moment he walked through the portal.

The party decided to go through the portal as a single group, and they all ended up in a short corridor with three doors: one to the left, one to the right and one ahead of them. Laurana found a trap on the left door, and Malek tried to cast Shield but failed. Laurana did not manage to pick the lock on the left door. In fact, when she tried, a face appeared in the door, saying: "It is not nice to break in." The door on the right also got a face, and it said: "Hey, I'll let you in."

The party walked through the door to the right, and ended up in combat with 2 Gargoyles. After a moderate fight, Cerilon and Laurana each killed one of them. The room contained a pile of gold and two chests. Bart went for the pile of gold, but as soon as he touched it, it disappeared. Meanwhile, Laurana checked the chests for traps. She found one on the first chest. Disarming the trap succeeded, and she quickly picked the lock as well. Opening the chest revealed a mere 2 gold pieces. Bart tried to light the chest to see if there might be something underneath it, but he failed to move it. Picking the lock on the second chest failed, so Laurana simply cast Knock on it to deal with that minor set back. That chest revealed some form of black cloth on the bottom of it, which after some investigation seemed to be a Portable Hole. Moretta picked up the 2 gold pieces from the first chest, and suddenly became somewhat translucent. Some experimenting reveals that matter does not pass through her, but she can pass through matter. She also turned out to get hurt progressively as she became more translucent.

The party went out of the room, and Laurana cast Knock on the left door. It failed, but the door stated that it would allow anyone in, provided that each person that tried to enter did not bring any evil inside. Laurana took off her Drow armour and put down her Drow long sword. Cerilon dropped his Drow long sword. Bart, Cerilon, Laurana and Anac walked into the room. The room was empty save for a fairly large pool. It had a healing effect, and after paying 2000 gold pieces (using the Garnet as 123 gold pieces) Bart was allowed to take water from the pool outside the room. He dribbled some of it onto Moretta and her body became more substantial. After pouring some of the water into the Drow sword that Moretta was carrying, the party was able to remove the sword from her body, and they threw her into the pool. This cleansed her from the curse. The party paid an additional 2000 gold pieces to have a Remove Curse performed on Malek's ring.

In a fit of annoyance, Malek kicked the ring of Dispel Magic into the pool, causing a major magical explosion. the party quickly picked up all their stuff in the corridor, and headed towards the third door. The door stated that only those that are worthy could pass through it. Everyone made it through.

14 Eregneo (Goran)

Now the party found itself in another short corridor with a door at the very end. The door didn't appear to have any traps on it. Picking the lock failed, and so another Knock was cast. The door opened into what appeared to be a corridor in the third level of the mine. Apparently the party had passed through a secret door in the end of the dead-end corridor. As the party went on its way through the corridors, Cerilon got the feeling that this was not the same location as where the party was before, even though it looked the same. Malek noticed that the corridors seemed to be more recently hewn out of the rock formation. Not really up to dealing with this right now, the party headed to the familiar 10 by 10 room.

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