Campaign Diary (14-16 Eregneo)

14 Eregneo (Goran) [8 AM]

The party found the door to the 10 by 10 room closed, and Bart opened it. A heavy explosion caused most of the party to be hurt. Rather than spending some time to rest in this room, the party continued on in the direction of the underground lake. They reached the staircase leading down into the lake, and fortunately it was completely empty. Moretta checked whether there were any signs that there had been water in there in the past, but she could not detect any.

The party went down the staircase and reached a locked door. Laurana did not find any traps on it, but trying to pick the lock failed. She cast Knock to deal with that minor set back. A short corridor was seen (as expected) with a door at the other end of it. Picking this lock succeeded, and the party continued their journey up the next staircase.

At this point, Laurana went ahead on her own to check out the area. She went pretty far ahead, until she heard snoring in a room the party had previously identified as a guard room. She went back to the rest of the party and reported her findings. The party headed for the room, and the suggestion was made that Laurana should just knock on the door (given that she looked like a Drow now), and yell about people sleeping on the job. Laurana did just that, only to encountered 6 humans who immediately prepared to attack the party. After Laurana got hit by three Magic Missiles, the party was able to end the fight and talk.

The 6 humans mentioned during the talks that the current date was 7 Valia in the year 17 of the reign of Moralis. The party on the other hand thought that the current date was 14 Eregneo in the year 38 of the reign of Magister. The difference was determined to be 52 years! After Bart showed his holy symbol, the humans recognised that the party had to be good, and they changed their attitude a bit. They shared the information that they were trying to force Uric out of the mountain. The party didn't really pay attention to that, and Cerilon explained that they were looking for the Staff of Moralis. This prompted the other group to suggest parting ways there and then, and they left.

After some discussion on what to do next, the party decided to head back to the lower level, and as they passed the humans (who were moving slower because they were cautious and in unfamiliar territory) they chanted: "Great googly moogly!" The humans respectfully (but highly surprised) stepped aside to let the party pass.

Back on the lower level, the party checked out the location of all known room, and they found that most didn't exist. The realization that they were indeed in the past was setting in. At the location of the secret door that lead into this level, the party stuck a little note saying:

Here is the secret door.

Somewhat lost at what to do, the party headed back up. They looked for the group of human adventurers but can't find them anywhere. They party also got faced with the fact that there was no elevator room at all on this level. In search for a way out, the party headed to the Drow dwelling on this level. The door to the dwelling didn't seem to have a trap on it. Laurana's attempt to pick the lock failed, and when Anac tried to pick the lock with his trusted nail, it got stuck. Since it prevented the door from being opened in any way, Cerilon forced the nail out of the lock. It flew straight at Anac, hurting him. He got so mad that he didn't want the nail anymore. Moretta decided to hold on to it anyway.

As it was getting late, and a lot had happened in the past day, the party went to the servant dwelling along the corridor to the main Drow dwelling, and spent the night.

15 Eregneo (Goran)

When the party woke up, they headed back to the Drow dwelling. Laurana made another check for a trap (being a prime example of healthy paranoia), and she did find one. After disarming it, she cast Knock to open the door. Malek cast Shield right before that, just to be safe.

Laurana also checked for traps on the black door, but she did not find any. Cerilon threw a knife at the door, without any result whatsoever. Laurana cast Knock on this door also, and Cerilon proceeded to open it, causing him to set off a trap. Inside the little room a black sarcophagus could be seen causing him to set off a trap. Inside the little room a black sarcophagus could be seen.

Against their better judgement, the party decided to check out the sarcophagus. Bart cast Bless and read the protection from Undead scroll. Anac, Laurana, and Malek prepared casting Magic Missile, Moretta had her Drow sword ready, and Bart and Cerilon opened the sarcophagus. At the mere sight of the skeleton within, everyone except Bart and Laurana fled in horror. Laurana's Magic Missile did inflict some damage, and also resulted in the Warrior Skeleton to wake up. The next round, both Bart and Laurana got struck by the ohorrible sight of the skeleton, and they ran out of the room. As they left the room, the door closed behind them.

After the party collected their courage again, they explored the rest of the dwelling. Nothing was found in the secretary's room. The next door, leading to the dining room, was locked. No trap was found, but the attempt to pick the lock resulted in Laurana getting zapped. Cerilon knocked on the door, but nothing happened. The next door didn't seem to have a trap either, but it was locked as well (it led to the living room/study).

Disappointed at the poor results of the day, the party went back to the servant dwelling, and spent another night there.

16 Eregneo (Goran)

In the morning, the party went back to the door to the dining room, and Laurana cast Knock. She opened the door, and did indeed find a typical dining room. There was a door in the side wall, and after Cerilon tried to open it (and got hit by a trap on the door), Laurana cast Knock because picking the lock failed. The small room beyond the door looked like a potion lab. Malek looked around for possible potions, and found a rack with 5 different potions, each in a stone flask. He took the potions, setting off a trap while doing so.

At the living room door Laurana cast Knock once more. She opened the door, and the party went in. In the middle of the room a wooden casket could be seen. Laurana found two traps on it and fails to disarm the first of them. Disarming the second trap was successful though. Before attempting opening the casket, Bart cast Bless, he cast Protection from Evil on Cerilon, and then he positioned himself in front of Malek. Cerilon opened the casket.

A horrible gas escaped from the casket, hurting everyone in the party and causing blindness for a full hour for all of them. Once everyone could see again, they only saw a staff in the casket. The staff was solid wood, with a black crystal the size of a grapefruit set in the top of it.

Malek went ahead and took the staff from the casket, triggering a massive blast of lighting power to course through his body. He died...

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