Campaign Diary (16 Eregneo-3 Gonda)

16 Eregneo (Goran) [noon]

Cerilon built a carry for Malek's lifeless body, and suggested to use the stick to find their way back to the original mine and time. The party did so, and then Bart and Cerilon went to check if the elevator room existed. It did not. Laurana checked for traps on the door to the bedroom (off of the living room in which Malek died), and she didn't detect anything. The door turned out to be locked, but that was easily resolved with a successful lock picking. Meanwhile, Bart took all of Malek's belongings and put them in the portal hole. Cerilon gave Laurana the Staff of Moralis.

Laurana opened the door to the bedroom, revealing a bed and a 6 drawer dresser. While she was looking for traps on the dresser, she accidentally set one off. Cerilon noticed that the bed had been recently slept in, and after surveying the room carefully, attention was shifted to the dresser. Laurana found 128 gold pieces in the lower right drawer. When trying to open the middle right drawer she got hit badly by a trap, and lost consciousness. The party waited for her to regain consciousness, afraid that without her trap detecting ability the risk would be too great.

None of the other drawers turned out to have a trap on them, and in the middle left drawer, Cerilon found a black opal (later valued at 1038 gold pieces). Having cleaned out the swelling for all it was worth (other than the room with the sarcophagus that no one was willing to explore any further), the party went back to the main corridor, and then left to explore the rest of this level in the current time.

The party reached a room, and after Cerilon had Aid cast on him by Bart, he went into the room. A human woke up, and said: "How can I help you?" Cerilon was completely stunned at this sight. The person (who introduced himself as Henry) acted as if the room was his house, while all the party could see in the room was a bucket. He also continued talking about his vegetable garden outside, while pointing at a typical rock wall as if it was a window. The party asked if they could see his vegetable garden, and he happily complied. He walked out of the room, immediately turned right, and disappeared into the wall. A little bit later he walked out of the wall again. Cerilon tried throwing a copper piece into the wall, but it bounced back. Still, Henry went into his vegetable garden to fetch Cerilon's copper piece.

In further conversation, it became known that Henry used to be an alchemist. In return for 70 gold pieces (paid by Moretta), he offered to try to identify some of the potions that the party had found:

Potion description Information
Bubbling, clear, acidic, lavender Makes you feel better.
Oily, flecked, herbal, golden No idea.
Smoky, translucent, musty, tan Makes it impossible to see anything.
Viscous, luminous, salty, ebony Makes you feel heroic.
Watery, clear, acidic, purple No idea, but probably tastes good.
Cloudy, layered, spicy, ebony No idea, but not recommended to drink it.
Fuming, opaline, herbal, indigo Helps you when you feel hot.

Laurana wonders whether the Staff of Moralis may be causing all of this to be one huge illusion. Cerilon suggests checking out the room with the shimmering portal. The party goes where the portal used to be, and lo and behold, there is no portal at all. Frustrated, Cerilon took the staff and smashed it against the wall...

Cerilon got shocked badly, and suddenly the party found itself on a grassy mountain slope. The shock made him drop the staff. Estimating their position (rather accurately, even) the party figured they had to be about an 8 days walk from Goran. Laurana picked up the staff once more, and the party set out for Goran...

17 Eregneo (Goran)

And they walked...

18 Eregneo (Goran)

and walked...

19 Eregneo (Goran)

and never saw anyone...

20 Eregneo (Goran)

except for an occasional squirrel...

21 Eregneo (Goran)

that did not get killed on the spot...

22 Eregneo (Goran)

and in the end they walked a bit more...

23 Eregneo (Goran)

until they really started to get sick of walking...

1 Gonda (Goran)

but then Goran came in sight. And they saw other travellers heading for Goran also. Cerilon asked one of the more reputably looking traveller what year it is (pretending to come from a different culture where they count time in a different fashion), and he was told that it was the year 17 in the reign of Moralis. They were also told that they should camp out until the next day, because the Goran city gates closed at 8 and they were never going to make it there in time.

Laurana switched to her normal armour and weapon because the Drow equipment had turned bad during the days of travel.

2 Gonda (Goran)

Before heading into the city, Cerilon hid 1 silver piece and 8 copper pieces under a rock, and memorised the location. Laurana, Moretta, and Malek's body stayed behind in a grove, while Bart and Cerilon headed into the city of Goran. They went to Elminster's Magic Shoppe (that indeed did exist in this time) to sell off some of their loot. He offered them 4500 gold pieces for the crown and 500 gold pieces for the staff (it being a 'hot' item). Not being satisfied, they looked for a jeweller, and ended up in one named 'Crown Jewels'. After some negotiations, they sold the crown for 5750 gold pieces, and the black opal for 800 gold pieces.

Then they went to the Temple of Adina, to request how much it would cost to raise Malek from the dead. The priests request payment of 6500 gold pieces, and Cerilon paid that amount, after which he was told to bring Malek's body the next day because then a priest of high enough status would be present to perform the Raise Dead ritual. After a quick inquiry Bart and Cerilon also obtain a potion that should hide Laurana's Drow-like skin appearance for half a day (at a cost of only 150 gold - a bargain). Satisfied they went back to join Laurana and Moretta, and the party spent a quiet night under a clear night sky.

3 Gonda (Goran)

When the party woke up, Laurana rubbed the potion on her skin, and it regained its old appearance. The entire party headed into the Temple of Adina, and they got introduced to Iridia, the High Priestess of Adina. After paying the temple 1000 gold pieces, Iridia cast Remove Curse on Laurana, making the switch back to her original skin appearance permanent.

Then Iridia performed the Raise Dead ritual on Malek, bringing him back to life, albeit very weak. He got told that after a day of rest, he should be back to his old strength.

Bart offered 490 gold pieces, and 2 copper pieces at tithe to the Temple of Adina, and received a splint mail as token of support.

After Moretta bought a new supply of cross bow quarrels, the party went back to the woods outside the city to spend the night.

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