Campaign Diary (4 Gonda)

4 Gonda (Goran) [9 AM]

When the party woke up, Bart healed Malek, while Cerilon went looking for a crow to befriend. After a 3 hour search he did find a crow, but unfortunately he did not manage to befriend it.

The party headed back into the city of Goran, and made its way to an inn named 'Forgotten Dreams'. They found themselves a table, and ordered a few drinks. The waitress (dressed a little bit more scantly than needed) replied to a question about the closing of the gates that the Magister had recently decided to change the time from 7:50 to 8:00.

After finishing their drinks, the party decided to split up: Cerilon stayed in the inn guarding the staff, while Bart went to the Temple of Adina, and the rest went to the Mage's Guild. At the guild they found out that the succession of Magister's in Goran has been rather speedy due to recent assassinations. He also explained that Magister's are voted in by a combination of the city council members, all guild masters and the top merchants of Goran.

When the party reassembled in the inn, and the information from the Mage's Guild was distributed, Cerilon formed a plan to go to the assassins guild to seek out an assassin for hire to take revenge on his mother's killers. Moretta decided to go perform some songs out in the city, and Laurana joined her to listen in. In the end, Bart and Cerilon went to 'My Coin' (which was identified as the assassins guild). Bart obviously decided to stay outside while Cerilon tried to hire an assassin (without success).

During Moretta's performances, Laurana took the opportunity to pick some pockets for, shall we say, loose change. The pick pocketing earned her 24 gold pieces, 8 silver pieces, and 5 copper pieces while Moretta earned herself 13 gold pieces, 2 silver pieces, and 1 copper piece.

Around dinner time, everyone got back together in the inn, and the party had a nice dinner and a peaceful night rest.

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