Campaign Diary (5 Gonda)

5 Gonda (Goran) [8 AM]

In the morning, Moretta learnt Invisibility from the scroll Malek was carrying and Malek in turn learnt it from Moretta's spell book. Meanwhile, Bart and Cerilon went for a walk around the Palace Ward, spreading the word that they were part of a party that was seeking employment as bodyguards.

Around 2 PM, both Bart and Cerilon, and the party in the inn heard a very loud explosion rocking through the city. Everyone hurried to where they believes the explosion to be, except for Anac who was hiding underneath a bed, unwilling to move from his safe place. In the large crowd of curious people, Moretta tried to pick some pockets, only to be greeted in a very rude way by a dagger being thrust in her side. Laurana was not successful either in picking anyone's pockets. To her fortune, she only got a stern talking to, and later found that she had her pockets picked. Cerilon, who was working his way to the centre of the crowd heard excited voices saying: "He is still alive!" The same rumoured reached the other members of the party (all separated at this point), and Bart heard someone nearby muttering: "Damn!"

Bart noticed someone move away from the centre of the crowd, and he attempted to follow him. He got stopped by a city guard at the outer skirts of the crowd, as he saw the dark robed figure slip away into an alley. Bart had a quick conversation with the guard, trying to not waste time in his pursuit of the mysterious figure, but the guard was relentless until Bart pointed out that he was a priest of Adina. The guard apologised and walked away.

As the commotion around the site of the explosion appeared to calm down, the party got back together, and was evaluating the situation when a band of armed city guards seemed to be making its way towards the party. They addressed Bart specifically, asking about the palace guard he had been talking to a bit earlier. He explained what happened, and the party got the impression that the palace guard they were discussing might have been involved with the assassination attempt on the Magister. Since Bart could not help them any further, the guards thanked him, and took off.

Bart showed Cerilon where he last saw the mysterious figure, and along with Malek they tried to follow his tracks. Meanwhile, Laurana and Moretta tried to mingle more with the remaining crowd, to pick up whatever information they could hear. They found out that this was the second attempt on the life of the current Magister. Not able to find out anything more of interest, they headed back to the inn. On their way their, they suddenly noticed that Anac came running after them. He explained that he had followed them earlier, when he recovered from his fear for the explosion, and that he heard guards talk that it was a good thing that the Magister himself was not in the carriage that got blown up. He also expressed a strong interest in finding out how the imposter managed to have smoke come out of his ears.

Meanwhile, Bart, Cerilon and Malek made good progress trying to follow the tracks of the shadowy figure. It led them into a dark alley where they got attacked by 3 thugs. Malek killed one of the thugs, while the other two are successfully knocked unconscious. Bart stayed behind with the two thugs (tied up well), while Cerilon and Malek set out to follow the tracks further down the alley. After only a few minutes, Cerilon got hit with a dart, shot from a roof off to the right side of the alley.

Back in the inn, Moretta and Laurana got a visit from a palace guard, stating that the Magister wanted to talk to the party. An agreement was reached that the party would have the inn keeper pass on a message on when they could get together.

Cerilon successfully saved versus poison, and both him and Malek decided to join up with Bart and the 2 thugs he was guarding. Cerilon started to interrogate one of the thugs. Due to the uncooperative attitude of the first tug, Cerilon cut off his little finger. The thug dropped dead. Before Cerilon could recover from his utter confusion... a stunning shock in fact, the second thug also died. A quick investigation showed that both were killed with darts. Left without any useful information, the three party members searched the three bodies, and found 274 gold pieces, 3 copper pieces, and a note that read:

Marxis, main street, 2pm.

They went back to the inn, and got informed about the meeting with the Magister. After a quick recount of what happened with the pursuit of the mysterious person from the explosion site, the party headed down to talk to the inn keeper. They set up an appointment to go talk to the Magister in the Palace of Justice.

At the Palace of Justice, they were directed to the main hall. It was a very impressive hall, made entirely out of white marble. They entered the hall through a set of double gold plated doors. As soon as they were inside, Anac walk away from the group, and went to sit down behind the big oak desk in the far end of the hall. He introduced himself as Marxis, Magister of Goran, and mentioned that he had been adventuring with the party under disguise. Although he looked and in fact was 28 years old as far as his body was concerned, he had lived 42 years. This was possible because of a magical enchantment that allowed him to age at half the rate of normal humans.

Marxis explained that the Magister of Goran was elected by the city council, the guild masters and the top merchants. He also mentioned that the city council elected their own members. The task he wanted the party to perform was simple but difficult at the same time: Finding out who was behind the assassination attempts on the Magisters. Marxis' theory was that this was the crucial piece of information behind the evolution of Goran towards the reign of 12 Magisters (in total secrecy), and the apparent deadly abuse of criminals (the branding). His only lead at this point was a merchant named Molar who was said to be related to the Magister assassination attempts.

Before parting, Marxis expressed his regret that he would not be able to continue adventuring with the party because it could draw attention to him, which would be very dangerous. As help, he provided the party with 1000 gold coins and 5 potions of Healing.

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