Campaign Diary (5-6 Gonda)

5 Gonda (Goran) [7 PM]

Before the party left from their audience with Marxis, Malek asked him whether he could provide information about the Staff of Moralis. He explained that it was rumoured to have many magical properties, including Magic Missile, Lightning Bolt, Retributive Strike, Summoning, and that it was also known to have an ego. When asked about the black leather bound book, Marxis explained that it was known amongst the more powerful mages as a very powerful magical tome, said to cause insanity to many that tried to use it. It used to belong to a powerful mage, living far north of Goran. His name was Fergolin.

In parting, Marxis also confirmed that although the mine does exist in the current time, there are no known entrances to it in the Palace of Justice.

The party headed back to the inn, and Moretta found out from the inn keeper that a message was left for them. One person should go to 'My Coin' and ask to talk to someone named Damac. Cerilon did exactly that, and was told to go sit down somewhere and have a drink. After a little while a dark robed and hooded person approached his table. He introduced himself as Damac (without revealing his appearance). After asking Cerilon a bunch of question to establish the ability of the party to perform their duties as bodyguards, Damac explained that the job involved protecting someone of very high standing. He then proceeded to ask if anyone in the party had an aversion to any race. Cerilon mentioned he could not work with Drow in any way, and Damac immediately broke off any further negotiations.

After he got back to the inn, Cerilon explained to the party what had happened. Everyone went to bed, wondering what tomorrow was going to bring them.

6 Gonda (Goran)

In the morning, Laurana and Moretta went to 'My Coin' to set up a meeting with Molar. The location for the meeting was set to be the park at the Temple of Ilea, around 3 PM. The reason for the meeting was the purchase of services.

Well before 3 PM the entire party went to the park, where Laurana and Moretta sat down on a bench, while the rest of the part positioned themselves out of sight, but where they could observe the bench. Around 3 PM someone approached Laurana and Moretta. He introduced himself as Fry, the personal secretary of Molar. Moretta stated that they wanted to meet Molar himself, but Fry countered that this was simply not possible. During the conversation that followed, Moretta mentioned that she had heard from an unimpeachable source that Molar had made an effort to dispose of the Magister, and that therefore they were offering their services since someone trying to dispose of the Magister sure could use protection. Fry countered that this was merely speculation and that such an unimpeachable source might need more protection than Molar would. After this, the conversation quickly ended and Laurana and Moretta walked away. As they were on their way out of the park, Laurana noticed that Fry was talking to two rather rough looking guys under a tree.

As they were walking back to the inn, Laurana and Moretta noticed that they were being followed by the two guys Fry had talked to. They decided to go into a weapon's store. While they were looking around a bit, the two followers entered the store also. Moretta looked around for other doors to possibly exit the store, but the only other door was behind the counter. Laurana and Moretta left the store, once again followed by the two thugs.

Tired of being followed, Laurana addressed the guys following them directly, and asked them why they were following them. The thugs didn't reply and simply denied they were following them. Laurana went back to the park (with one thug following her) while Moretta went back into the store. The second thug waited out on the street.

After Laurana obviously had no intentions of leaving the park, the thug that had followed her there left and Laurana in turn started following him. He headed to 'My Coin'. Not really out to get into more trouble than she could handle, she went back to the inn, where she met Moretta and the rest of the party.

After a nice dinner (without Malek, because the party didn't want to draw attention to the fact that there was a member that had not been involved with any of their dealings with the assassins), the party retired for the night. In a fit of paranoia, the party decided to split up in 2 groups, rather than spending the night each in their own room. Bart, Cerilon and Malek stayed in Cerilon's room, while Laurana and Moretta stayed in Laurana's room.

Around midnight, during Malek's watch (and Moretta's watch in the other room), Malek heard someone trying to pick the lock. As soon as the person managed to get into the room, Malek slammed the door shut behind the intruder, while holding out his dagger. The sound of the door awoke Bart and Cerilon. The assassin reacted quickly by throwing Greek Fire on the left bed (which happened to be Cerilon's). During the quick but heavy fight in which Bart was doing all he could to apprehend the assassin, Laurana and Moretta resisted the temptation to help out, and they rather secured the corridor to avoid any possible danger sneaking up from behind. Bart was successful in overpowering the assassin, and they tied him up. They found a dagger, chain mail, a Thieves' Pick and 225 gold pieces on him.

Cerilon started the interrogation of the assassin. Initial questions did not result in any replies, and Cerilon kicked the assassin in the ribs a couple of times to make his point that answers were in fact required. After some additional questioning, the assassin mentioned that his name was Bram. He also shared that he feared the people that hired him a lot more than the party. But in the end, he did see no harm in sharing some additional information. This way the party found out that he was hired by Fry to kill Cerilon. While he was not sure that he was entering Cerilon's room that night, he also didn't really care about possibly making a mistake and killing the wrong person. Bart asked about the assassination attempts on the Magisters, and Bram explained he had not been involved in any because it takes assassins that know magic.

Further interrogation revealed that the head of the assassin's guild goes by the nickname Coin. Bram also revealed that some Drow arrived in the city a couple of months ago, and that one of them (named Damac) actually was an assassins that was working on being accepted into the guild.

After the party found out that Bram was to receive a magical long sword in exchange for proof that Cerilon was dead (by means of a body part), they decided to make a deal with Bram. The party promised to provide Bram with a body part that he could use as proof that Cerilon was dead, along with 250 gold coins and safe passage out of the city, in exchange for the magical long sword. A request to sign a confession got a strong refusal from Bram, and the party decided not to push the issue.

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