Campaign Diary (7-8 Gonda)

7 Gonda (Goran) [9 AM]

In search for a body part that could be used as evidence that Cerilon was killed the party headed to Elminster's Magic Shoppe. He was able to provide them with directions to a necromancer named Barak. Laurana and Malek went to Barak's house and on their way there Laurana considered the fact that a necromancer would probably be able to find out that the body part they were going to give to the assassin's guild as evidence was not Cerilon's. The chances of this happening were not considered high, and it was put aside.

After some negotiations and specifying the exact requirements, Barak offered to furnish the party with a half-elven hand (smelling like fish) for 300 gold pieces or a right ear for 350 gold pieces. Laurana and Malek decided to buy the ear, and Malek put it in one of his pouches.

Meanwhile Bart went to 'Silver Blanket' to enquire about their prices for lodging. He nearly choked on the high expense, and decided against the party spending the night there. The party got back together in 'Forgotten Dreams'.

Early in the evening (6:30 PM) the decision was reached for Laurana to go check out Molar's house to see if she could get a look at him, to be able to recognise him later. Meanwhile, Malek cast Invisibility on Cerilon, and Bart, Malek and Moretta set out to take position outside 'My Coin' to keep an eye on Bram. He left the inn a bit after them, with the ear. At the same time, Cerilon left the city (while being invisible) to hide out in the woods to the northwest of the city of Goran.

During her time lurking around Molar's house, Laurana noticed Fry unlocking the front door with a key, entering the house, and leaving again a few minutes later, locking the door behind him. He was carrying a large scroll case (big enough to hold a large map).

Meanwhile, Bart, Malek and Moretta observed Bram entering 'My Coin'. A while later, Fry walked to the front door to 'My Coin' and he entered the inn carrying a large scroll case. After about 30 minutes, Fry left 'My Coin' again.

Shortly after Fry left the inn, Bram showed up behind Bart, startling him. No one had seen Bram leave the inn. He explained he took a back door out, for his general safety. Bram also had the scroll case with him that Fry was carrying earlier and explained that it contained the sword he got as reward. Bart told Bram to stay behind while he went to look for Malek (carrying the scroll case with him).

During this time, Laurana saw a dark figure appear on the roof of Molar's house. The figure forced entry into the house through a roof window, and not too much later she heard an explosion and a bright flash behind one of the windows in Molar's house. Immediately after this, the dark figure reappeared on the roof and disappeared in the dark of the night. As soon as guards started to enter the area, Laurana quietly left.

When Bart got to Malek, and together they went back to where Bram was supposed to be... but he was not. No indications were found about whether he had left on his own, or whether there was forceful persuasion involved. Bart opened the scroll case and as he tried to take the sword out, he got zapped hard. Malek cast Detect Magic on the sword and found strong magic on it.

Laurana went to the west gate and found it closed (because it was after 8 PM). She lurked in the shadows hoping for the rest of the party to show up also. And indeed they did show up after quite some time. Resigning to the fact that they could not join up with Cerilon yet, they went to spend the night in 'Fool's Belly'.

During the late evening, Cerilon noticed 5 completely black clippers anchored outside the city harbour. A long search of the coastline in the close surroundings revealed a landing site where multiple smaller boats must have landed recently. From there, wheel tracks led into the forest. Cerilon followed the tracks and reached a clearing in the forest where the tracks suddenly ended. He searched for a possible portal but could not find any explanation. Unable to solve this mystery, he went to sleep in the woods.

8 Gonda (Goran)

In the morning, the party met up with Cerilon in the woods while Cerilon was still invisible. He told the party about the ships, the lading spot and the tracks he followed. Not certain what to think of this, the party decided to leave it be for now, and seek further information from Marxis.

The party headed back into the city (with Cerilon still invisible). At the gate to the Palace of Justice, they got stopped by a guard who asked what business they had there. Bart explained that they wanted to speak with Marxis, and he got told that they should go to the Palace and ask for the secretary. He could direct them to the appointment taker, who in turn would try to schedule an audience for them with Marxis.

Disappointed, the party walked away and Cerilon took some food from a street vendor, and flipped a coin at him to pay for it. As far as the street vendor could see, suddenly a coin appeared out of nowhere, and he started shouting that there was an invisible thief around. A little bit later, a high level mage appeared from the Palace of Justice and he started casting a spell. The party quickly made their way out of the area.

When they got to 'Forgotten Dreams' they talked to the inn keeper to set up a meeting with Marxis (since they remembered that this was how Marxis told them to handle it). The meeting was at sunset at the south gate, and Marxis was said to be disguised as an apprentice mage.

With quite some time to kill, the party headed over to Molar's house to see what was going on over there. A lot of guards were around, and when Laurana scanned the crowd to see if anyone familiar was around, she noticed a street vendor that looked remarkably like Fry. Cerilon, still invisible, went over to Fry and suddenly Fry cast a spell, prompting him to address Cerilon directly. The spell must have been Detect Invisibility or something similar. A quick exchange of words and threats resulted, without any information coming out of it other than a confirmation that Fry indeed ordered the assassination of Cerilon.

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