Campaign Diary (8-9 Gonda)

8 Gonda (Goran) [noon]

Cerilon told the party about the fact that Fry noticed him even though he was invisible. He also informed the party that Fry vouched that they would keep trying to kill him, and that he was certain they would succeed in the end.

Since the party was over at the late Molar's place to investigate things, they did just that and Bart was 'elected' to address a guard and try to pry some information from him. He looked for the most official looking guard and asked him for some information concerning what happened. The guard was named Orwin, and was in fact the officer in chief. In all, the conversation was not very enlightening; not even after Laurana was brought into the conversation about what she saw that night. Of course, the party was not willing to disclose why Laurana was there the previous night, which made the information they used to try to get the officer's attention questionable.

Throughout this conversation, Cerilon (still invisible) scanned the area around the house, but he was not able to find out anything useful. The party discussed the lack of information briefly, and decided to head back to the inn in case Bram might have returned.

At about 2 PM the party walked into 'Forgotten Dreams', only to find out from the inn keeper that Bram had indeed been there, but that shortly after his arrival, two questionable men had entered the inn. They grabbed Bram and dragged him out of the inn, clearly against Bram's will. While the party found out this piece of information, Cerilon went to the outhouse of the inn, and willed himself to be visible.

Out of sight from anyone, Cerilon experimented a bit with the sword in the scroll case. He found he could touch it in the scroll case, abut when he tried to withdraw his hand, the sword turned out to be stuck to it, and he suddenly got zapped. He put his hand with the sword back into the scroll case to see if he could remove it then, but he found he could not, and he got hit again when he withdrew his hand.

The party went to Elminster's shop, but he was not able to help. Instead, he referred the party to a priest. And so the party headed for the Temple of Adina in the hopes that they could provide resolution for Cerilon's problem. The High Priestess stated that this particular curse would require an Exorcism and that it would cost $4000-5000 gold pieces. For some reason, the party chose to pass on the Exorcism for now.

Malek cast Detect Magic on the scroll case and found that it radiated a strong aura of protective magic. Somewhat out of ideas for the time being, the party went back to 'Fool's Belly' and decided to rest. During their rest, Malek and Laurana learnt Feather Fall from Moretta's spell book.

At 6:45 PM the party reached the South Gate (having left the inn early) and the gate keeper warned them that the gates would close at 8 PM.

Around 7 PM, a cloaked figure stumbled its way towards the gates, trying to be impressive in a completely unsatisfactory way. A fruitless attempt to impress someone he ran into was sufficient for the party to recognise Anac at his best. Cerilon took the opportunity of this meeting to ask Anac about the sword. He found out that it is a very decent sword. He revealed that it is not at all evil, but that it is cursed nonetheless. After some discussion, Anac agreed to provide the party with 2000 gold coins, and access to a ship that would be available to help them check out the general area around the black ships. He also provided the party with a contact to get more information from: Mary at the Palace of Justice.

As he stumbled through the gates into the city, Anac parting words were: "Find out who Fry is."

The party headed back into the city also, and on the way to 'Fool's Belly' they noticed two figures fighting in an alley. One of the figures was recognisably a Drow. Bart and Cerilon entered the combat to help out the person that was being attacked by the Drow.

After quite a long fight, Jyslin struck the final blow that killed the Drow. Cerilon noticed that Jyslin looked like a Drow and immediately switched to attacking her. Bart did what he could to stop Cerilon, while Jyslin caused Darkness to appear. She left the area of the Darkness (away from the party), while calling out "Friend" in elven. After some conversation between Bart, Cerilon and Jyslin agreement was reached that Jyslin was not a threat to the party (and vice versa), especially after Jyslin renounced Loth.

Jyslin explained that she arrived on one of the clippers, and that this was the second time already that a Drow tried to kill him. She recognised the Drow as a guard of an important Drow. After looting the Drow's corpse (only taking the 18 gold pieces, 12 silver pieces, and 3 copper pieces), the party and Jyslin headed to 'Fool's Belly'.

Back at the inn, Jyslin explained to the party that she saw a large amount of carts and people go off into the forest, but that she didn't know where they went from there. As far as she knew, the carts carried both people and various tools. She boarded the ship in a port city called Valea, and during the two week voyage she heard people talk a lot about wealth and good opportunities ahead.

Jyslin disclosed that she grew up in the mountain range of Gorgoth, and that she ventured to Valea and from there onto the ship in search for adventure and wealth, and because she isn't too welcome in the Underdark.

9 Gonda (Goran)

The next day was spent exchanging information (though the party never revealed that they actually came from the future).

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