Campaign Diary (5-6 Unmoa)

5 Unmoa

Cerilon picked up his sword, and put it in his scabbard. He noticed he was able to let go off it; so it seemed like the curse was gone, finally! He asked Bart to keep the scrollcase in the portable hole.

After the customary check for any useful belongings on the bandits, it was once more time for the party to decide what to do next. A decision was reached to head back to Goran; a trip that would take about 6 days. Given the late hour, they decided to not set out just yet. Everyone went to sleep, with rotating watches to avoid any unwanted surprises.

During Cerilon's watch, a couple of dark coloured dragons heading west flew over the camp.

6 Unmoa (Keep of Ghargaroa)

In the morning, the party set off towards Goran. It was a somewhat slow walk through the forest they were in, but around late afternoon the forest made way for a rather nice savannah landscape. Cerilon started looking around for a possible safe campsite for the upcoming night, and spotted a building in the distance. Laurana checked it out more through the spyglass, and she noticed that the building was pretty large and bulky, with towers in the far right and left.

As the party advanced towards the building, Laurana noticed a lonely figure on the roof in between the two towers. The person looked humanoid, male, and seemed to have brown hair and gray robes. He seemed to be scanning the surrounding area with a spyglass also. The party continued on towards the building, checking regularly what the person on the roof was up to. It became clear that the person had noticed the party once they were about half a mile from the building. Cerilon waved, but got no response... yet. Checking out the building a bit more, the party estimated that it was about 45-50 feet wide. It also looked as if the heavy double doors in the front were slightly ajar. Behind the building, slightly to the left, the party noticed what looked like a ruin. It was nothing more than the foundations and a low wall here and there. The main building that the party was advancing on seemed to be quite run down as well. Likewise, the path to the building was far from well travelled.

Once the party got close to the building, Bart hailed the figure on the roof: "Hail friend!" The response was far from friendly though. Bart got hit by a lighting bolt. His quick reaction saved him from major injuries.

A fight erupted immediately, with the figure on the roof employing magic to attack the party, while the party countered with both magic and bows. After a fierce but short battle, the figure withdrew from sight. The party advanced to the double doors at the front of the building, and Cerilon used rope and a grappling hook to climb to the roof, under cover from the rest of the party that was ready to attack anything that would appear at the roof edge. Cerilon made it to the roof without trouble. Once on it, he entered direct combat with the mage, while Bart and later Laurana climbed up to the roof as well. Here the fight continued, until the mage cast Darkness and made his way to the a door in the left tower. Cerilon went on in pursuit, kicking at the door. Bart and Laurana followed, albeit at a slight delay due to the Darkness spell.

The door turned out to be locked, but that was quickly rectified by Laurana by means of a Knock spell. Cerilon rushed inside, and down the spiral staircase, in pursuit of the mage. Bart and Laurana followed.

Halfway down the staircase, Cerilon set off a trap, blasting him with a massive burst of magical fire. He tumbled forward, and slid a few more steps down the staircase. But he did not get up.

Laurana immediately advanced to where the trap went off, and she noticed that a magical trap had been put there. She tried to disarm it, but failed. Bart threw an empty small belt pouch past the trap, hoping to see if it was a one time only trap or not. It did not go off. Unfortunately, that did not prove to be a valid test, because when Laurana passed the trap to get check up on Cerilon, it went off. Fortunately the damage was not too extreme. Laurana checked Cerilon, and noticed what she and Bart had feared... Cerilon was dead.

She picked him up, and after drinking a Potion of Healing to ensure her safety, she passed through the trap once again. Again she got hurt.

On their way out of the tower, Bart placed a Glyph of Warding against any human of any religion other than followers of Adina.

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