Campaign Diary (6-10 Unmoa)

6 Unmoa (Keep of Ghargaroa) [6 PM]

While Laurana watched the door for any danger, Bart lowered Cerilon's lifeless body to the ground. Moving out of the area of effect of the Silence spell, Bart shouted at Jyslin that Cerilon had perished in battle. Jyslin untied Cerilon from the rope, and under Bart's guard, Laurana climbed down from the roof. Bart followed, and released the grappling hook.

As Bart prepared to carry Cerilon's body, Jyslin suggested to just bury him. Her suggestion was not taken kindly by the party though, and they set off in the direction of Goran. After about an hour, dark was setting in, and they broke camp.

7 Unmoa

Around 6 AM, Laurana saw a person visible in torch light on top of the building where Cerilon's life ended so swiftly. It only lasted for about 5 or 6 minutes, and then darkness returned.

Slightly before 8 AM, everyone woke up. Laurana informed the rest of the party about what she had seen during her watch. Given that there was nothing they could do about it (and not really up to facing their enemy again), the party continued their journey to Goran.

After a full day of marching to the northeast, a forest appear about 3 hours up ahead.

8 Unmoa (Colean Woods)

About an hour into the forest, the party notices a path to the right, leading northeast. Rather than forcing their way through the forest, they decided to follow the path. The travel was a lot faster this way.

A couple of hours later, two rather rough looking persons blocked their path. Rather than kindly asking for the party's belongings, the bandits engaged in an attack. After a fairly fierce but short skirmish, the two bandits found out (albeit without the ability to realize it) that this was not a party to mess with. They both got killed.

After checking over the corpses, and relieving them of unnecessary wealth, the party went on their way again. No further incidents occurred during the remainder of the day.

9 Unmoa (Colean Woods)

The next morning, the party continued along the path through the woods. The path was fairly clear, so they made fairly good time. Then, around 2 PM, they saw a clearing up ahead. A bench could be seen (rather out of place), and an robed figure could be seen sitting on it. The figure looked male, bald and possibly asleep. Not wanting to take any risks, the party decided that checking out the situation was probably called for. Laurana separated from the party, and made her way through the woods to scout out the situation. She did not see anything noteworthy other than that the figure seemed to have a staff.

Then she suddenly heard a voice right next to her right ear: "Why don't you come and sit down, I've been waiting for you all." Since accepting this invitation alone would be somewhat of an unnecessary risk, Laurana backed away from her hiding spot. Fading away softly, the voice concluded: "Suit yourself."

Once Laurana got back to the party, she explained what happened. Cautiously the party approached the clearing. A few yards away from the bench, Bart cast Detect Evil, and detected no evil whatsoever. It did seem to trigger something because suddenly the entire party heard a disembodied voice: "Welcome, I have been waiting for you." Laurana asked the voice who it belonged to, and it replied that it was Moralis. As Bart and Malek took a closer look at the sleeping figure, they noticed that is was more of an apparition rather than a real person.

Moralis explained that he was currently a prisoner, and that he had been imprisoned for a couple of years already. Yet, somehow he also claimed to have been the driving force behind the drafting of the original adventuring party. The goal was to eventually free him, but that was not something that could be done at this time. First, the party had to find out what the cause was for the future trouble in Goran. And even then, the staff would hold the key to when and how Moralis would have to be given his freedom. In all, the staff would turn out to be instrumental in the actual defeat of his master's captors. That was not to say that the party would not be able to (or allowed to) use the staff at all. But Moralis issued the warning that one ought to always bear in mind that the staff would always protect itself from any harm, even if that meant it would not act upon the will of the wielder.

His prison was located in the Keep of Ghargaroa (the building where Cerilon was slain). It was named after one of the oldest rulers of Goran, a paladin of great renown.

When asked about Uric, Moralis explained that Uric worked for Fergolin, but that he was not that powerful in the end. Uric died when he found the staff, and it was Uric's casket that the party found in the mines. He also elaborated on the fact that Fry was a pretty powerful evil mage and that he was known to work for Galoth, a mage/priest of Maloch.

Concerning the brand he could only say that it was known to inflict a terminal illness that forced an affected person through insanity into an eventual death.

In parting, Moralis displayed his enormous powers (and thereby his ability as a very high level mage)... He willed the staff to teleport the entire party to a couple of hours walk from Goran. they immediately headed off to the south gate, and once inside the city the party went over to the Temple of Fonea. A priest named Zarg greeted the party. Noticing the dire need for clerical help, Zarg unfortunately had to inform the party that Cerilon could only be helped if 4200 gold coins could be offered to the temple. Given that Laurana was also a follower of Fonea, Zarg was willing to accept an even 4000 gold coins. Not having such wealth on them, the party set out to collect the necessary monetary means to help Cerilon. Laurana offered the Wand of Healing (from Anac) to the Temple of Fonea, in exchange for 200 gold coins. The party also sold most of their gains from the past encounters: a plate mail, a banded mail, 2 long swords, 2 chain mails, a flail, a bastard sword and 2 Greek fires.

Enough money was raised to pay the Temple of Fonea, and the party was asked to leave Cerilon's body at the temple for the night. The rites to help him would be performed first thing the following morning.

10 Unmoa (Goran)

At sun rise, Zarg performed the rites to raise Cerilon from the dead.

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