Campaign Diary (10-21 Unmoa)

10 Unmoa (Goran) [10 AM]

The party was extremely happy that Cerilon was successfully raised from being dead. Of course, he still had to rest for a day to recover from all that happened to him, and as usual, the party was broke. While discussing what to do (both about their monetary situation and about their task), Laurana suggested that Molar and Galoth might be the same person. This didn't go much further though with the rest of the party as the monetary situation became the most immediate problem. Under the assumption that it is better to receive than to give, the party decided to pay the Mage's Guild a visit to collect the items that Moralis had promised them. The Staff of Moralis was left with Cerilon, as it was deemed dangerous to bring it in the neighbourhood of the Mage's Guild.

After a short, but healthy walk under a sunny, slightly cloudy sky, the party arrived at the Mage's Guild. An apprentice opened the door, and after hearing why they came to the guild, he led them into a conference room. After a short while, an elderly mage and his apprentice entered the room. The mage introduced himself as 'Markus'. Malek explained that they were sent to the guild to get some help. Markus was obviously aware of the situation, and he provided the party with some magical items:

Bart 2 Candles of Invocation
Cerilon Long sword +2 (Red Dragon Slayer)
Jyslin Studded Leather armour +2
Laurana Ring of Invisibility and Inaudibility
Malek Periapt of Wound Closure

Overcome by emotion (or greed), the party quickly returned to the 'River Ward Inn' (paying 5 silver pieces per room). Jyslin spent the rest of the day studying spells, resulting in her learning Feather Fall and Shield. Malek spent his time learning Protection from Evil.

11 Unmoa (Goran) [9 AM]

The party headed back to the Temple of Fonea to retrieve Cerilon and the Staff of Moralis. With the party almost broke again, they set out to sells a battle axe, studded leather armour and a grappling hook for a mere 25 gold pieces, and 7 silver pieces. On the other hand, Cerilon bought 10 sheets of parchment and some ink (18 gold pieces), and 24 arrows (9 silver pieces and 2 copper pieces), whereas Laurana just bought some arrows (4 silver pieces and 8 copper pieces). Exactly how this was supposed to improve their financial situation never became entirely clear to anyone...

Cerilon set out to look for maps covering the area south of Goran, while everyone else rested and spent time studying. Jyslin took the opportunity to learn Identify and Invisibility from Malek.

Cerilon's search for maps turned out to be quite a challenge. Maps he found only covered the area up to about 6 days south of Goran. When Cerilon asked about a mine south of the city that he had heard about, he was told that it belonged to the Mage's Guild, and that it's exact location was kept secret. The map maker did tell Cerilon that is was known to be a gold mine, and that the mages had been mining it for over 100 years.

In the end, Cerilon settled for a map up to 6 days south of Goran, and a high level overview map of the area. When he got back to the inn, Jyslin exchanged her sword for the cursed one in the scroll case. As as to be expected, she was suddenly no longer able to remove her sword. Her regular sword was placed in the portable hole.

The party decided to go to bed early to get ready for a long journey south...

12 Unmoa

As the party headed south out of the city of Goran, the weather turned out to be disagreeing with their plans: it rained most of the day. Near the end of the day, the plains they had been travelling on were exchanged for woodland.

13 Unmoa (Colean Woods)

The journey continued the next day, and unfortunately the rain did the same thing. It continued all day...

14 Unmoa (Colean Woods)

The woods started to thin out a bit as the party's journey progressed. It seemed as if the rain had finally given up, and though the clouds stayed, only a few drizzles were felt throughout the day.

15 Unmoa (Colean Plains)

As the terrain became more plain-like again, the party realized that they were getting close to the coastal road that was up ahead according to Cerilon's map. Around mid-day, they saw the road. Rather than continuing their journey by forcing their way through the rough vegetation, they decided to follow the road, since it would take them close to their destination anyway. While it was quite cold, the rain was finally completely gone.

16 Unmoa (Southern Coaster)

Getting closer to their destination, Cerilon started to look around for any anomalies in the terrain. A nice sun shone down upon the party, though it did little to alleviate effects of the cool ocean breeze.

17 Unmoa (Southern Coaster)

And then the rain came back... And it stayed with the party as they walked south on the coastal road, up until the very end of the day.

18 Unmoa (Southern Coaster)

Realizing that the coastal road would bring the party too far east from their destination area, the party left the road in the early afternoon to head straight west. The terrain was a fairly nice savannah, and hoping that the next day would bring something good, the party rested well that night.

19 Unmoa

Feeling that they were getting really close to the mark, the party decided to continue their journey in a zig-zag pattern, hoping to cover a better target area that way. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, nothing was found.

20 Unmoa

Not certain whether the zig-zag movement really was worth the time they lost, the party reconsidered their plans from the day before. They headed straight west to what they believed to be the spot exactly south of Goran.

21 Unmoa

The terrain remained a nice savannah, and the weather was sunny with a fairly strong wind. Perfect weather to fly a kite, if anyone had one. Convinced that they had to be in the right spot, Cerilon asked Malek to do a 360 degree Detect Magic. Malek did, and found nothing at all.

Distraught that they were unable to find anything, the party set up watches and went to sleep. During the night, Cerilon noticed a meteorite in the sky during his watch.

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