Campaign Diary (2-3 Oönmoa)

2 Oönmoa [10 AM]

When the party woke up, they noticed that Jyslin was no longer with them. The only thing left in her room was the Jump scroll and a note. The scroll was returned to Laurana, and they [arty read the note:

I need to go my own way to search for the reasons my death would be beneficial to some.
This is not your quest, and I do not want to hinder your work.
I hope we meet again.

After a little bit, a person walked into 'Fool's Belly'. He looked quite old, and slightly shaggy. He headed straight for the table the party was at, and introduced himself as Karo, a priest of On and a close friend of Marxis from before he joined the party. A letter had been left in his keeping in case something happened to Marxis. He handed it over to the party and Bart read it out loud to the party.

Laurana came to the conclusion that the substance Marxis invented must have been used for the brands the party got in touch with in the future. Karo confirmed that Marxis believed this also. Cerilon asked about Molar, and got told that Marxis believed that Molar was a second personae of someone. A double to gain more power.

Since there was some confusion concerning the phrasing Marxis used, Karo cleared up that Marxis always talked about his collegues as meaning anyone with the ability to work magic. Laurana went on to ask whether Karo knew who Marxis saw as his direct enemies, and was told that Argolar and Galoth were the main suspects in Marxis' opinion.

Karo was able to provide the party with the location of all temples in Goran. When asked about Fry, Karo confirmed that Fry was definitely associated with Galoth, and that he was someone to be very careful with.

The conversation turned to the subject of Henry, and Karo was very surprised. To his knowledge, no alchemist named Henry or matching his description ever lived in Goran. However, the description could very well match Uric's! Since the party met Bill on their way to look for Henry, a while back, they asked about him. Karo knew who they meant, but according to him Bill was merely a fairly legendary person who was somehow connected to the dragons living in the western mountains.

The fact that Moralis was being kept prisoner in the Keep of Ghargaroa was news to Karo. When the party shared the information they got from Moralis, Karo came to the conclusion that Henry might very well be Fergolin himself. That might make things a lot more dangerous.

To help out the party to the best of his ability, Karo got himself a room at 'Fool's Belly'.

In search for more information, the party headed over to the Mage's Guild (around 2 PM). An apprentice opened the doors, and escorded them into a little conference room when they asked to speak to Markus. Markus joined them a bit later. The party shared the letter from Marxis with Markus, and he read it. He confirmed that there definitely never was any alchemist named Henry, or matching his description. He also confirmed that Uric was dead, and that Fergolin was definitely very alive. He was known to have been involved with trouble at the Mage's Guild in Malrun. Fergolin was known to use raw magical power rather than the more refined form most mages use. He had an ethereal cat as familiar, and he owned a large black crystal (about the size of a coconut) that he always kept where he lived.

When asked about Fry, Markus expressed his opinion that Fry was most likely in hiding in the temple of Maloch.

Markus then placed a crystal ball in the middle of the table, and after uttering a few very complex incantations, they made contact with Moralis. Cerilon explained everything to Moralis (both future and present), and Moralis explained that he believed the mine in the present time to have been an illusion, created by his staff to protect itself. It was probably based on the mine that existed in the future, and that the staff knew about due to Moralis' travels in time.

Moralis also believed that all evidence supported the notion that Fergolin may have been behind the foreign force, or that he may have called it to his aid. His suggestion to the party was to weed through the list of merchants that were on the city council. On a higher level, he wanted the party to identify the enemy.

To aid the party, Moralis provided three command words for the staff:

Cora Ray of disintegration. The use of this power draws from the wielder by reducing his or her hitpoints by 8, and causing a drop in Constitution by 4 points for 4 hours.
Loctar Remember the current location for a future teleport. Only a single location can be remembered at a time.
Porta Teleport the wielder and anyone touching him or her to a previously remembered location.

After making plans for the next day, the party retired to get some well needed sleep.

3 Oönmoa [6 AM]

Everyone slept in the inn, except for Cerilon who kept watch at Argolar's house to ensure he'd be able to follow him when he left in the morning. At 6 AM, the party went out to join Cerilon. Laurana was already invisible, to avoid anyone from getting suspicious.

Around 9 AM, Argolar and 2 body guards left the house. Bart and Cerilon went on to shadow him, while Laurana broke into the house through a first level window. Malek kept an eye out for trouble, so he could alert Laurana in case anyone was about to enter the house. She ensured that no one was present in the house, listening for any noises whenever appropriate. As she went through the lower level of the house, Argular and his bodyguards arrived at the Diamond Exchange, under Bart and Cerilon's watchful eyes.

In the entry hall, Laurana noticed that the mirror could swing to the side. After detecting a trip on it, and disarming it, she revealed a small locked vault. She unlocked it, and as she opened it, the contents got burnt by a trap she was not able to find. All that was left were the burnt remains of two spell scrolls. Continuing her search, she found what looked like the bedroom of the bodyguards. Under one of the matresses she found 27 gold coins. Inside one of the pillows she also found a little note with what looked like a fairly detailed map of the Diamond Exchange. Tiny writing on the side read: "Destroy after use." Laurana took it.

Next was a storage room with a lot of books and papers. Here she found a paper that discussed someone's desire to purchase a black crystal valued at 2.7 million gold coins. A hand written note added: "Only one in existance, but impossible to obtain." She did not take this note with her.

Meanwhile (around 11 AM), Bart and Cerilon observed Lars enter the Diamond Exchange, accompanied by 2 bodyguards. Around the same time, Laurana searched through the maid's room, and Argolar's study. Having already taken some things from the house (and aware of the noticable issue with the vault), she made it look like she did a quick search. The study did not appear to have anything of real interest, though she took a fairly ornate golden dagger. Moving upstairs, she found 121 gold coins in the dresser in Argolar's room. A chest in the room revealed three scrolls that Laurana took.

Over at the Diamond Exchange, Cerilon noticed that Argolar and Lars were on what now could be called its roof. Rather than surverying the damage it looked more like they were looking for something. Cerilon went over to Bart and let him know that he was heading back to the inn because he was exhausted. He suggested that Bart should go to Argolar's house and see whether Laurana was done with her search yet.

At about the same time, Laurana headed out, taking a candle holder with her on the way out. Being still invisible (and inaudible), she went straight to the inn. As soon as she was back in her room, she became visible again. Laurana did a quick check on the scrolls and found that one was a priest scroll, another a mage scroll, and the third one some kind of investigation report. Not having the time to look in detail, Laurana headed over to the common room to see if any of the other party members had returned yet.

Bart met up with Malek. Since it was much past the deadline they had set for the search, they decided to head back to the inn. Once they got there, they all got together in Cerilon's room to compare what they found out. The map of the Diamond Exchange was a bit of a mistery they could not figure out, so they moved on to the scrolls. The priest scroll turned out to be "Cure Disease", while the mage scroll was "Fireball". The third one mentioned an investigation of Pryde, paid for by Argolar and Lars. It described how Pryde was apparantly trying to double-cross Argolar and Lars, and that he had a new business partner. The person that wrote up the report was not successful in identifying the new partner.

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