If you read this, I have not succeeded in undoing the evil that I unleashed in this world. With deep regret I have to admit that much of what is happening now and that is yet to come (as you know so well) is in part due to my idealism. While I have not been able to undo it, this written legacy may serve at least the purpose of making you aware of what transpired in the past. In the end, all I can do is ask for your forgiveness.

I never knew my parents, and though I have searched, no clues were ever found to whom they may have been. All I know is that the Mage's Guild of Goran adopted me when I was still an infant. A great magical ability was sensed in me, and throughout my childhood I received the very best training in the use of Magic. My specialization was Alchemy.

As I grew up in Goran and studied Magic, I learnt the harsh realities of life. And as a prominent member of the Mage’s Guild, I was also dragged into the ugliness of politics and justice. Here my worst fears became truth. People were punished in highly uncivilized ways. It was cruel and pointless! And And even our highly precious magical research was used to enact punishments on criminals.

There is no explaining punishments that are cruel; punishments that are unnecessarily harsh. Surely a more civil way of dealing with criminals had to be possible! Surely rehabilitation of criminals had to be possible.

My work refocused on a solution for this problem. Many years I spent in search for the just and proper way to deal with criminals. To deal with them effectively, without the use of cruel and harsh punishments. And I truly believed I found the solution. A substance I was able to make had just the right properties. When applied as a tattoo (or any other way to bring the substance in the skin under heat), it changed the mindset of the criminal. Any thought of unlawful behaviour left the criminal. The ultimate solution!

I used the substance on myself as a basic field test. Though I was in no way a criminal, or likely to do anything unlawful, I had to be certain that no ill effects would result from it's use. And how foolish I was! The direct result from my experiment was horrible, and ill timed. Where it was to remove unlawful thoughts, it had a horrible side effect! Yes, unlawful thoughts were not present... But they were also completely impossible. As I tattooed myself, I found myself out of control. My mind was no longer mine, although I never lost the clear thought that made me realize that someone or something was affecting my mind! In short time I realized that I might very well never be sane again!

Worse yet... A foreign magical force was at work, and where it affected my thoughts, I also learnt some of its thoughts. I sensed disbelieve; the foreign force did not believe that what I had accomplished was at all possible. And then I realized a growing feeling I was sensing... The desire to control and to use my creation for its own purposes. And before the small dose I used wore off (as it fortunately did after some time), someone or something was able to whisk all my work away from me. I was left with nothing; my mind half shattered and my work stolen!

My fear for the force that did this was great, and my suspicion of my colleagues grew. Only one of high magical ability could ever do such things as those that happened to me. Having lost some of my sanity in this ordeal, I could not trust myself sufficiently to reverse my foolish acts. Which is why I drafted you, my friends. And now I have failed, and where I failed I need you to succeed!

Trust Moralis, for he is wise and powerful. Trust the Mage's Guild, for they see things in the right context, and hold no stake in this power struggle. But beware! It is not only those of the Mage's Guild that can work the Magic of the world! And know that those who call themselves Magisters in your time are nothing more than puppets under the control of a magical force that is beyond your worst nightmares! Seek guidance from Moralis, and give him the information he needs to undo what I have done.

Close the gateway evil crept through before it is too late!

[Signed Moralis.]