Adina (Intermediate God)

Adina was brought to life by Rand and On as guardian of Eriah against Maloch. Together with the Lumar (also called the Filnyar) she headed up the battle against Evil on Eriah, while Rand and On fought for the cause of Eriah in the other planes.

Guarding Eriah is Adina's main task, and she takes it very seriously. Anyone trying to harm the world will be met with tremendous force. The institution of order and law is something she considers harmful, but because evil is the true enemy, she tends to not act against strive for order.

Whenever great battles are fought against evil, Adina usually sends the Lumar to assist in the battle. They are the physical guardians of the world. But when the need exists for additional fighting power, she will manifest herself with her avatar to deal with the evil scum.

Role playing statistics

God's alignment: Chaotic Good
Worshippers' alignment: Any good
Area of control: Safekeeping of the world
Holy symbol: Shield


Adina's avatar is a highly skilled swords woman, and well versed in the use of priest spells. Of the few sightings that have been recorded, Adina always was seen riding a white stallion. She was wearing golden full plate armour and wielding a silvery glowing blade.

Fighter (19), Priest (20)
STR: 23 DEX: 20 CON: 18 INT: 16 WIS: 20 CHR: 18
AC: -1 HD: 19 Hp: 200 MR: 30% MV: 15 Size: 6
AT: 2 THAC0: 2 - 4 - 5 Dmg: 1d8 + 4 + 11
Weapon: Defender (long sword)

Priest hood

Allowed alignment: Any Good
Minimum ability scores: Wisdom 10, Strength 12
+10% XP bonus: Wisdom 16, Strength 16
Allowed races: Any
Allowed genders: Any
Required NWP: Set Snares
Required WP: None
Allowed weapons: Battle axe, dagger/dirk, javelin, knife, polearm,
spear, sword (all)
Allowed armour: Any armour, any shield
Spheres of influence: Major - All, Necromantic, Protection
Minor - Guardian, Healing
Powers: Lvl 1 - Infravision (double for elves and half-elves)
Lvl 3 - Laying on Hands once per day (2hp / level)

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