Magister (Greater God)

Magister came into being as a last heroic deed by Rand to thwart Maloch's attempt to destroy Eriah. Rand had previously managed to trap Oönvala in a special artifact, thereafter known as the Chaos Jewel. Using a ritual only known to him, Rand used the jewel to create himself a son, and named him Magister.

By virtue of his creation, Magister looks after Eriah; keeping chaos at bay wherever it creeps up. He seldom meddles in the affairs of men, although his presence is ever noticeable as the balance of justice. In this it is rumoured that Magister himself guides the decisions of justices all over the world. There definitely are no known instances where Magister himself was seen upon Eriah.

Role playing statistics

God's alignment: Lawful Neutral
Worshippers' alignment: Any
Area of control: Justice, balance between good and evil
Holy symbol: Scales


Magister's avatar is usually a wizened old man with a bald head, and a long white beard. He typically wears long flowing light blue robes, and walks with a staff. Since many cultures have adopted that outlook for their justices, one could face Magister's avatar without even knowing.

Fighter (18), Priest (20)
STR: 22 DEX: 20 CON: 18 INT: 19 WIS: 20 CHR: 18
AC: -1 HD: 19 Hp: 195 MR: 45% MV: 18 Size: 6
AT: 2 THAC0: 3 - 3 - 4 Dmg: 1d6 + 3 + 10
Weapon: Staff of Justice

The Staff of Justice is a Staff of Striking with the extra power that it enables the wielder to cast Detect Lie (4th level Priest spell) without consuming a charge.

Priest hood

Allowed alignment: Any except Lawful Good
Minimum ability scores: Wisdom 12, Strength 12
+10% XP bonus: Wisdom 16, Strength 16
Allowed races: Any
Allowed genders: Any
Required NWP: Tracking
Required WP: None
Allowed weapons: Dagger/dirk, knife, lasso, scythe, sickle, spear,
stiletto, sword/bastard, sword/khopesh, sword/long,
sword/rapier, sword/sabre, sword/short
Allowed armour: Any
Spheres of influence: Major - All, Divination, Necromantic
Minor - Elemental, Guardian
Powers: Lvl 1 - Cast Detect Lies three times per day
Lvl 3 - Inspire Fear twice per day

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