Maloch (Intermediate God)

Maloch was created by Oönvala to destroy the world Rand and On created for him. This in itself gave rise to the War of the Vali.

The foremost aspect of Maloch that is known is his extreme cruelty. It is a well known fact that he finds pleasure in tormenting his victims. Instilling fear and doubt in communities is his most noticeable mark in the world. Now that the War of the Vali is over, he limits himself to hunting down unexpecting victims, and toying with them until he grows bored. Then he kills them, and hands them off to Byrda so they can continue their afterlife as her servants.

Role playing statistics

God's alignment: Chaotic Evil
Worshippers' alignment: Any evil
Area of control: Disruption, destruction
Holy symbol: Torch


Maloch always appears in dark environments, keeping to the shadows. He has never been spotted wearing anything other than a black robe, black cloak and carrying a black blade at his side. Few have witnessed his actions and lived to tell about them. And it is very strongly suspected that those few survivors did survive because Maloch wanted them to.

It is said that the mere sight of Maloch can inspire the victim with fear (similar to the 4th level Wizard spell).

Fighter (18), Wizard (16)
STR: 22 DEX: 20 CON: 18 INT: 20 WIS: 18 CHR: 18
AC: -2 HD: 17 Hp: 153 MR: 40% MV: 18 Size: 6
AT: 2 THAC0: 3 - 2 - 4 Dmg: 1d8 + 2 + 10
Weapon: Sword of Life Stealing (long sword)

Priest hood

Allowed alignment: Any Evil
Minimum ability scores: Wisdom 9
+10% XP bonus: Wisdom 16
Allowed races: Any
Allowed genders: Any
Required NWP: Religion
Required WP: None
Allowed weapons: Crossbow, dagger/dirk, dart, knife, net,
polearm (all), scourge, scythe, sickle, stiletto
sword/long, sword/rapier, sword/sabre, sword/short
Allowed armour: Any
Spheres of influence: Major - All, Charm, Necromantic
Minor - Animal, Protection (reversed)
Powers: Lvl 1 - Cast Detect Good three times per day
Lvl 1 - Inspire Fear twice per day
Lvl 2 - Control Undead

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