Meanos (Lesser God)

When Rand and On created Adina to protect Eriah against Maloch, he in return brought forth his minion to fight the battle on the elemental plane of existence against Adina and the Lumar. As direct descendent from Maloch, Meanos inherited much of his vile and cruel evilness. He does not share Maloch's strive for chaos though. Instead, he takes an impartial stand on the matter of order versus chaos. As God of Death, he doesn't care, as long as death is the final outcome.

Typically, Meanos' influence on Eriah is not directly noticeable. People die in various ways (cruel, heroic, or whatever way), and this is often attributed to Meanos. Yet, this believe is untrue. Meanos does not concern himself with the death of the common folk, but rather takes action in more prestigious deaths. He has the clairvoyance to foresee one's death (though he has been known to be wrong once in a great while), and greatly enjoys keeping this foreknowledge secret from his victims.

Role playing statistics

God's alignment: Evil
Worshippers' alignment: Any
Area of control: Death
Holy symbol: Cross


Meanos' avatar appears as a ghost. A successful attempt to turn him as an undead will merely blow away the ghostly appearance from which a man emerges, dressed in blackened robes, wielding a quarterstaff.

Fighter (19), Druid (14)
STR: 23 DEX: 19 CON: 19 INT: 15 WIS: 20 CHR: 18
AC: -1 HD: 16 Hp: 188 MR: 30% MV: 15 Size: 6
AT: 2 THAC0: 2 - 4 - 5 Dmg: 1d6 + 4 + 11
Weapon: Quarterstaff +4

Priest hood

Allowed alignment: Any
Minimum ability scores: Wisdom 9
+10% XP bonus: Wisdom 16
Allowed races: Any
Allowed genders: Any
Required NWP: Religion
Required WP: Scythe
Allowed weapons: Battle axe, dagger/dirk, knife, lasso, scythe,
sickle, stiletto, sword/khopesh, sword/short
Allowed armour: None
Spheres of influence: Major - All, Astral, Charm, Divination, Protection
Minor - Guardian, Necromantic, Sun, Weather
Powers: Lvl 1 - Inspire Fear three times per day
Lvl 1 - Control Undead (for any priest)

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