The term "Maquena" refers to the "Tale of Creation", as recorded by the Filnyar.

Before there was time, all was Oönvala. Not a power, not a being; but rather the nost glorious thought that could ever exist. Whence this thought came forth from is unknown. Oönvala was, and is. Oönvala shall ever be.

Boredom came over Him, and gave Him inspiration. Thus began time, as Oönvala created the everlasting Falls of Time from his thoughts. And a great creation it was. An endless flow of crystal clear water tumbling down humongeous falls into the Lake of Eternity. whose ever increasing water level measures the passing of time. Now He could bring forth reality from his thoughts of creation and observe its growth as time passes. For when Oönvala gave birth to time, He created a yet greater thought, and this thought we call evolution. All reality comes from Oönvala's thought, and is descendent of the creation of time. Thus as time flows, reality evolves under His observing care.

As the Lake of Eternity rose, Oönvala felt more and more disappointed. While the Falls of Time were a magnificent creation, He wanted a way to experience them. His thought of creation brought forth a setting for the falls, and this He named Oönah, for it was His world. And a source of light He created to shine upon His world, and He called it Lumè. Then, almost as an afterthought, He brought into existance a physical form that was Him yet not all of Him. And so the first and greatest of the Avatari was born. The Avatari are the physical presence of the Vali, the children of creation. Like their parent and creator, the Vali are entities of thought that can take a physical form in the realm of reality, yet without giving up their eternal entity of thought. Thus, were an Avatar slain, the Valar it was formed of would merely be weakened for a long time. And likewise for He who created all, and once was all.

Oönah was beautiful, with snow filled mountains, huge forests of green, and lakes and clearings, more pure than anyone can imagine. It was conceived as a continent, floating in the Lake of Eternity. The sound of the falls crushing down in the lake was music in Oönvala's ears, while the ever changing way the water would break the light from Lumè offered a pleasant rainbow shine. It was here that He spent most of his time, in physical form, enjoying the fruits of His creation.

Yet, again Oönvala grew bored with his creation, for though it had dynamics he observed for the longest time, nothing really new ever happened. Therefore, He called upon his thoughts of creation and suddenly clouds appeared, blocking out the light from Lumè. In the dark that was before, and once again was, Oönvala pondered His problem for a very long time.

Then enlightment came. From the depths of His thought He summoned the Vali, the children of his creation. In balance He created them, dependent upon one another. Two Vali He conceived, whom we name Rand the Architect of Creation, and On the Spirit of Imagination. Their purpose in existance was to weave a creation to Oönvala's liking. This He desired of them, and for this purpose He gave them part of his creative thought: On the freedom of his thought, to devise new creations, and Rand the ability to bring about the thoughts On put forward.

As He set the primal Vali on their independent, yet dependent courses through the fabric of His reality, they interacted in a most unpredictable way. This He had foreseen, and sought. For only through independent mechanics could He observe creation as it unfolded before His eyes, to please Him, to inspire Him, and to amaze Him. Through their opposition, the Vali would create Him the ever changing reality that would shun his boredom.

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