Conjure Fire Elemental (Reversible)

Level: 6   Sphere: Elemental (Fire) [Conjuration/Summoning]
Range: 80 yds.   Components: V, S
Duration: 1 turn/level   Casting Time: 6 rds.
Area of Effect: Special   Saving Throw: None

Upon casting a conjure fire elemental spell, the caster opens a special gate to the elemental plane of Fire, and a fire elemental is summoned to the vicinity of the spellcaster. It is 65% likely that a 12 Hit Dice elemental appears, 20% likely that a 16 Hit Dice elemental appears, 9% likely that two to four salamanders appear, 4% likely that an efreeti appears, and 2% likely that a huge fire elemental of 21 to 24 Hit Dice appears. The caster need not fear that the elemental force summoned will turn on him, so concentration upon the activities of the fire elemental (or other creatures summoned) or protection from the creature is not necessary. The elemental summoned helps the caster however possible, including attacking the caster's opponents. The fire elemental or other creature summoned remains for a maximum of one turn per level of the caster, or until it is slain, sent back by a dispel magic spell, the reverse of this spell, dismiss fire elemental, or similar magic.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000