Giant Insect (Reversible)

Level: 4   Sphere: Animal [Alteration]
Range: 20 yds.   Components: V, S, M
Duration:   Casting Time: manent Casting Time:7
Area of Effect: 1 to 6 insects   Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell, the priest can turn one or more normal-sized insects into larger forms resembling the giant insects described in the Monstrous Manual. Only one type of insect can be altered at one time (i.e., a single casting cannot affect both an ant and a fly) and all insects affected must be grown to the same size. The number of insects and the size to which they can be grown depends upon the priest's level:

Priest's Insect Maximum

Level Hit Dice Total HD

7-9 3 9

10-12 4 12

13+ 6 15

For example, an 8th-level priest can grow three insects to 3 Hit Dice, four insects to 2 Hit Dice, or nine insects to 1 Hit Die. Flying insects of 3 Hit Dice or more can carry a rider of human size (assume that such can carry 80 pounds per Hit Die).

If the casting is interrupted for any reason, or if the insects are currently subject to any other magical effect (including this one), the insects die and the spell is ruined. The DM decides how many normal insects of what type are available; this is often a greater limitation on the spell than the limits above.

If the insect created by this spell matches an existing monster description, use the monster description. Otherwise, unless the DM creates a special description, the giant form has an Armor Class of between 8 and 4, one attack, and inflicts 1d4 points of damage per Hit Die.

For example, a 14th-level priest uses the giant insect spell to enlarge one beetle (all that is available) to 6 HD size. The DM decides the beetle has AC 5 and bites once for 6d4 points of damage.

Note that the spell works only on actual insects. Arachnids, crustaceans, and other types of small creatures are not affected. Any giant insects created by this spell do not attempt to harm the priest, but the priest's control of such creatures is limited to simple commands ("attack," "defend," "guard," and so forth). Orders to attack a certain creature when it appears or guard against a particular occurrence are too complex. Unless commanded to do otherwise, the giant insects attempt to attack whoever or whatever is near them.

The reverse of the spell, shrink insect, reduces any giant insect to normal insect size. The number of Hit Dice affected by the priest is subtracted from the number of Hit Dice of the insects, and any insect reduced to 0 Hit Dice has been shrunk. Partial shrinking is ignored; an insect is either shrunk or unaffected. Thus, a 9th-level priest attacked by giant ants could shrink three warrior ants or four worker ants to normal insect size with no saving throw. This spell has no effect on intelligent insectlike creatures.

The priest must use his holy symbol for either version of the spell.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000