Level: 2   Sphere: Animal [Enchantment/Charm]
Range: 20 yds./level   Components: V, S
Duration: 1 day/level   Casting Time: 1 rd.
Area of Effect: 1 creature   Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell enables the priest to call upon a tiny (size T) creature of at least animal intelligence to act as his messenger. The spell does not affect giant animals and it does not work on creatures of low (i.e., 5) Intelligence or higher. If the creature is within range, the priest, using some type of food desirable to the animal as a lure, can call the animal to come. The animal is allowed a saving throw vs. spell. If the saving throw is failed, the animal advances toward the priest and awaits his bidding. The priest can communicate with the animal in a crude fashion, telling it to go to a certain place, but directions must be simple. The spellcaster can attach some small item or note to the animal. If so instructed, the animal will then wait at that location until the duration of the spell expires. (Note that unless the intended recipient of a message is expecting a messenger in the form of a small animal or bird, the carrier may be ignored.) When the spell's duration expires, the animal or bird returns to its normal activities. The intended recipient of a message gains no communication ability.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000