Plant Growth

Level: 3   Sphere: Plant [Alteration]
Range: 160 yds.   Components: V, S, M
Duration: Permanent   Casting Time: 1 rd.
Area of Effect: Special   Saving Throw: Special

The plant growth spell enables the caster to choose either of two different uses. The first causes normal vegetation to grow, entwine, and entangle to form a thicket or jungle that creatures must hack or force a way through at a movement rate of 10 feet per round (or 20 feet per round for larger-than-man-sized creatures). Note that the area must have brush and trees in it in order for this spell to take effect. Briars, bushes, creepers, lianas, roots, saplings, thistles, thorn, trees, vines, and weeds become so thick and overgrown in the area of effect as to form a barrier. The area of effect is a square 20 feet on a side per level of experience of the caster, in any square or rectangular shape that the caster decides upon at the time of the spellcasting. Thus, an 8th-level caster can affect a maximum area of a 160-foot x 160-foot square, a 320-foot x 80-foot rectangle, a 640-foot x 40-foot rectangle, a 1,280-foot x 20-foot rectangle, etc. The spell's effects persist in the area until it is cleared by labor, fire, or such magical means as a dispel magic spell.

The second use of the spell affects a one-mile square area. The DM secretly makes a saving throw (based on the caster's level) to see if the spell takes effect. If successful, the spell renders plants more vigorous, fruitful, and hardy, increasing yields by 20% to 50% ([1d4+1] x 10%), given a normal growing season. The spell does not prevent disaster in the form of floods, drought, fire, or insects, although even in these cases the plants survive better than expected. This effect lasts only for the life cycle of one season, the winter "death" marking the end of a life cycle even for the sturdiest of trees. In many farming communities, this spell is normally cast at planting time as part of the spring festivals.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000