Remove Paralysis

Level: 3   Sphere: Protection [Abjuration]
Range: 10 yds./level   Components: V, S
Duration: Permanent   Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: 1d4 creatures in 20-ft. cube   Saving Throw: None

By the use of this spell, the priest can free one or more creatures from the effects of any paralyzation or from related magic (such as a ghoul touch, or a hold or slow spell). If the spell is cast on one creature, the paralyzation is negated. If cast on two creatures, each receives another saving throw vs. the effect that afflicts it, with a +4 bonus. If cast on three or four creatures, each receives another saving throw with a +2 bonus. There must be no physical or magical barrier between the caster and the creatures to be affected, or the spell fails and is wasted.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000