Level: 3   Sphere: Plant [Alteration]
Range: 0   Components: V, S, M
Duration: 6 turns + 1 turn/level   Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: The caster   Saving Throw: None

By means of this spell, the caster is able to assume the form of a small living tree or shrub or that of a large dead tree trunk with only a few limbs. Although the closest inspection cannot reveal that this plant is actually a person, and for all normal tests he is, in fact, a tree or shrub, the caster is able to observe all that goes on around him just as if he were in normal form. The Armor Class and hit points of the plant are those of the caster. The caster can remove the spell at any time, instantly changing from plant to his normal form and having full capability for any action normally possible (including spellcasting). Note that all clothing and gear worn or carried change with the caster.

The material components of this spell are the priest's holy symbol and a twig from a tree.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000