Wind Walk

Level: 7   Sphere: Elemental (Air) [Alteration]
Range: Touch   Components: V, S, M
Duration: 1 hour/level   Casting Time: 1 rd.
Area of Effect: Caster + 1 person/8 levels   Saving Throw: None

This spell enables the priest (and possibly one or two other persons) to alter the substance of his body to a cloudlike vapor. A magical wind then wafts the priest along at a movement rate of 60, or as slow as 6, as the spellcaster wills. The wind walk spell lasts as long as the priest desires, up to a maximum duration of six turns (one hour) per experience level of the caster. For every eight levels of experience the priest has attained, up to 24, he is able to touch another person and carry that person, or those persons, along on the wind walk. Persons wind walking are not invisible, but rather appear misty and translucent. If fully clothed in white, they are 80% likely to be mistaken for clouds, fog, vapors, etc. The priest can regain his physical form as desired, each change to and from vaporous form requiring five rounds. While in vaporous form, the priest and companions are hit only by magic or magical weaponry, though they may be subject to high winds at the DM's discretion. No spellcasting is possible in vaporous form.

The material components of this spell are fire and holy water.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000