The term "Valbura" refers to the "War of the Vali", as recorded by the Filnyar.

This will describe how Oönvala liked Eriah alot, but eventually grew pretty bored of it. He ordered Rand and On to destroy it, and build Him a new world. Rand and On refuse. Oönvala creates Maloch to destroy Eriah, and to counter this Rand and On manage to create Adina and the Lumar to guard the world. Maloch manages to drive a rift between Rand and On, which leaves On unable to assist Rand. Maloch creates Meanos to battle Adina and the Lumar, while Maloch himself fights Rand. He manages to slay Rand, upon which act On and Adina create Ilea. Maloch manages to lure Ilea away and rapes her. This gave existance to Byrda (and forever after altered reality by introducing reproduction as an act of creation). In search for Ilea, On disappears. With Rand slain, and the disappearance of On, Ilea and Adina work together and manage to create Fonea to bring balance to the world once more. Before Maloch could destroy Rand, Rand was able to trap Oönvala, and use some of His essence to create Magister. This unusual way of creating a Valar made Magister a Greater God.

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