Level: 2   Schools: Enchantment
Range: 30 yds.   Components: V, S, M
Duration: 1 rd./level   Casting Time: 2
Area of Effect: 50 ft. + 5 ft./level   Saving Throw: None

When this spell is employed, the wizard can command any nonliving ropelike object, including string, yarn, cord, line, rope, or even a cable. The spell affects 50 feet of normal rope (with a 1 inch diameter), plus 5 feet per caster level. This length is reduced by 50% for every additional inch of thickness and increased by 50% for each half-inch less. The possible commands are Coil (form a neat, coiled stack), Coil & Knot, Loop, Loop & Knot, Tie & Knot, and the reverses of all of the above (Uncoil, etc.). One command can be given each round.

The rope can only enwrap a creature or an object within 1 foot of it--it does not snake outward--so it must be thrown or hurled near the intended target. Note that the rope itself, and any knots tied in it, are not magical. A typical rope might be AC 6 and take 4 points of slashing damage before breaking. The rope does not inflict damage of any type, but it can be used as a trip line or to entangle a single opponent who fails a saving throw vs. spell.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000