Level: 6   Schools: Enchantment/Charm, Illusion/Phantasm
Range: 20 yds.   Components: V, S
Duration: 1 round/3 levels   Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: 1 creature   Saving Throw: Special

An eyebite spell enables the caster to merely meet the gaze of a creature and speak a single word to cause an effect. This gaze attack is in addition to any other attacks allowed to the wizard. The wizard selects one of four possible gaze attacks at the time the spell is cast, and this attack cannot be changed. For example, a 12th-level caster who chose fear would have four opportunities to make gaze attacks causing fear, one for each round of the spell's duration. Any gaze attack is negated by a successful saving throw vs. spell, with Wisdom adjustments. The four effects of the spell are as follows:

Charm: The wizard can charm a single person or monster by gaze and by uttering a single word. The effect is to make the charmed subject absolutely loyal and docile to the caster, even to the point of personal danger. It is otherwise the same as a charm monster spell. All creatures other than humans, demihumans, and humanoids save with +2 bonuses.

Fear: The wizard can cause fear by gaze and by speaking a single word. The subject flees in blind terror for 1d4 rounds. After this, the creature refuses to face the caster and cowers or bolts for the nearest cover if subsequently confronted by the caster (50% chance of either). The latter effect lasts one turn per caster level. This attack can be negated by spells that counter fear.

Sicken: This power enables the caster to merely gaze, speak, a word, and cause sudden pain and fever to sweep over the subject's body. Creatures with ability scores function at half effectiveness; others inflict only one-half damage with physical attacks. Movement is at one-half normal rate. The subject remains stricken for one turn per level of the caster, after which all abilities return at the rate of one point per turn of complete rest or one point per hour of moderate activity. The effects cannot be negated by a cure disease or heal spell, but a remove curse or successful dispel magic spell is effective. Creatures other than humans, demihumans, and humanoids save with +2 bonuses versus this attack.

Sleep: The wizard can cause any individual to fall into a comatose slumber by means of a gaze and a single word, unless the subject successfully rolls its saving throw vs. spell. Creatures normally subject to a 1st-level sleep spell save with -2 penalties. An affected creature must be shaken or otherwise shocked back to consciousness.

In all cases, the gaze attack has a speed factor of 1. This spell does not affect undead of any type, or extend beyond the plane occupied by the caster. Note that the caster is subject to the effects of his reflected gaze and is allowed any applicable saving throw. In the case of a reflected charm gaze, the caster is paralyzed until it wears off or is countered.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000