Level: 1   Schools: Conjuration
Range: 10 yds.   Components: V, S, M
Duration: 3 rds. + 1 rd./level   Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 10 x 10 ft.   Saving Throw: Special

A grease spell covers a material surface with a slippery layer of a fatty, greasy nature. Any creature entering the area or caught in it when the spell is cast must save vs. spell or slip, skid, and fall. Those who successfully save can reach the nearest nongreased surface by the end of the round. Those who remain in the area are allowed a saving throw each round until they escape the area. The DM should adjust saving throws by circumstance; for example, a creature charging down an incline that is suddenly greased has little chance to avoid the effect, but its ability to exit the affected area is almost assured! The spell can also be used to create a greasy coating on an item--a rope, ladder rungs, weapon handle, etc. Material objects not in use are always affected by this spell, while creatures wielding or employing items receive a saving throw vs. spell to avoid the effect. If the initial saving throw is failed, the creature immediately drops the item. A saving throw must be made each round the creature attempts to use the greased item. The caster can end the effect with a single utterance; otherwise, it lasts for three rounds plus one round per level.

The material component of the spell is a bit of pork rind or butter.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000