Meteor Swarm

Level: 9   Schools: Evocation
Range: 40 yds. + 10 yds./level   Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous   Casting Time: 9
Area of Effect: Special   Saving Throw:

A meteor swarm is a very powerful and spectacular spell which is similar to the fireball spell in many aspects. When it is cast, either four spheres of 2-foot diameter or eight spheres of 1-foot diameter spring from the outstretched hand of the wizard and streak in a straight line to the distance demanded by the spellcaster, up to the maximum range. Any creature in the straight-line path of these missiles receives the full effect, without benefit of a saving throw. The meteor missiles leave a fiery trail of sparks, and each bursts as a fireball.

The large spheres (2-foot diameter) inflict 10d4 points of damage, bursting in a diamond or box pattern. Each has a 30-foot diameter area of effect, and each sphere is 20 feet apart along the sides of the pattern, creating overlapping areas of effect and exposing the center to all four blasts.

The smaller spheres (1-foot diameter) each have a 15-foot diameter area of effect, and each inflicts 5d4 points of damage. They burst in a pattern of a box within a diamond or vice versa, with each of the outer sides 20 feet long. Note that the center has four areas of overlapping effect, and there are numerous peripheral areas that have two overlapping areas of effect. A saving throw for each area of effect will indicate whether full damage or half damage is sustained by creatures within each area, except as already stated with regard to the missiles impacting.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000