Spell Turning

Level: 7   Schools: Abjuration
Range: 0   Components: V, S, M
Duration: Up to 3 rds./level   Casting Time: 7
Area of Effect: The caster   Saving Throw: None

This powerful abjuration causes spells cast against the wizard to rebound on the original caster. This includes spells cast from scrolls and innate spell-like abilities, but specifically excludes the following: area effects that are not centered directly upon the protected wizard, spell effects delivered by touch, and spell effects from devices such as wands, staves, etc. Thus, a light spell cast to blind the protected wizard could be turned back upon and possibly blind the caster, while the same spell would be unaffected if cast to light an area within which the protected wizard is standing.

From seven to ten spell levels are affected by the turning. The exact number is secretly rolled by the DM; the player never knows for certain how effective the spell is.

A spell may be only partially turned--divide the number of remaining levels that can be turned by the spell level of the incoming spell to see what fraction of the effect is turned, with the remainder affecting the caster. For example, an incoming fireball is centered on a wizard with one level of spell turning left. This means that 2/3 of the fireball affects the protected wizard, 1/3 affects the caster, and each is the center of a fireball effect. If the rolled damage is 40 points, the protected wizard receives 27 points of damage and the caster suffers 13. Both (and any creatures in the respective areas) can roll saving throws vs. spell for half damage. A partially turned hold or paralysis spell will act as a slow spell on those who are 50% or more affected.

If the protected wizard and a spellcasting attacker both have spell turning effects operating, a resonating field is created that has the following effects:

D100 Roll Effect

01-70 Spell drains away without effect

71-80 Spell affects both equally at full damage

81-97 Both turning effects are rendered nonfunctional for 1d4 turns

98-00 Both casters go through a rift into the Positive Energy plane

The material component for the spell is a small silver mirror.

Last modified: May 3rd, 2000